Ouch! The Hidden Costs of DIY Installation.

Ouch! The Hidden Costs of DIY Installation.

Technology systems ranging from two-way radios and wireless networking to video surveillance and access control are a way of life for modern businesses. Rigging a system together yourself or calling in a quick favor from an IT friend could be a blueprint for painful regret. Here’s why you want to stick with professionals who can do the job exactly right.

Every installation is a custom installation. Powerful technology solutions are available to meet an array of universal needs, but they fit each business differently. Each business is unique, from floor plans and environmental conditions to operational realities. Systems must be professionally installed to fit the specific way you work and achieve your specific goals. Otherwise, you’re asking for gaps and inefficiencies that waste time and money. Plus, you may never realize the full potential of your technology investment.

Electromagnetic interference is a key challenge too. Building structures and their contents can cause interference that only an expert can overcome. Metals, liquids, concrete, and other materials can create spotty wireless connections or even annoying dead zones employees have to work around. Improperly configured or unlicensed systems using radio frequencies can bring stiff FCC penalties when they interfere with other businesses. And no one likes to find out the hard way about poorly positioned cameras when they miss a security incident.

The right technology pro will have an eye for interference factors, and install your system in the strike zone that overcomes obstacles and also keeps you out of trouble.

Even UV window glass in office buildings can contain materials that interfere with wireless signals.

“When a system is installed by someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing, there are obvious red flags,” says Ralph Aguilar, Commenco’s Technical Services Manager. “Even if they happen to have all the right equipment, it’s put in the wrong locations or positioned incorrectly. Key wireless components are facing the wrong directions, connections are loose, the list goes on, and the result is frustration when things don’t work right.”

And what about the future? Simply getting a technology system up and running is just the beginning — not the end. A professional will help you plan for expansion and tailor your system to grow with the success of your business. Savvy installation that makes a system adaptable to additional needs down the road is a smarter investment that returns potential. It also cuts the risk of someday needing to ditch a short-sighted system with poor equipment choices and start over.