Wireless Equipment & Technology Support

Commenco specializes in broadband wireless communications equipment (two-way radios, rugged mobile computers, cloud-based video surveillance, barcode, RFID, and wireless data capture systems, private LTE and LMR networks) and technical support services for commercial, industrial, and government organizations.

We operate the largest telecommunications Support Center in the Kansas City area, and our crew can install and deploy almost any type of wireless equipment, regardless of where you purchased it.

Technology Support Services

Design & Staging

  • Wireless networks
  • CBRS / Private LTE
  • LMR system design
  • Public Safety systems
  • Wireless equipment testing
  • Barcode testing & staging
  • RFID testing & staging
  • WMS integration
  • Industrial label selection
  • Surveillance design
  • Rugged tablet architecture
  • Site assessments
  • Workstation design

Installation & Deployment

  • Project management
  • New user training
  • System deployments
  • Equipment installation
  • LMR workstations
  • Forklift mounted equipment
  • GPS deployment
  • Barcode/RFID systems
  • Industrial Printer set-up
  • Signal boosters
  • Software integration
  • Solar panel installation
  • Surveillance systems
  • Tower service

Configuration & Customization

  • Compatibility & compliance
  • Device programming
  • Device provisioning
  • Printer customization
  • New user set-ups
  • Premium feature customizations
  • Software configuration
  • Security & privacy controls

Support & Maintenance

  • Device cleaning
  • Device maintenance
  • FCC compliance
  • Hardware repair
  • Network monitoring
  • Software updates
  • Technical support
  • Troubleshooting

Wireless equipment

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*Our coverage map is not a guarantee of coverage or service availability in your area and it’s subject to change without notice. The map is a general prediction of where service applies based on our internal data. Network changes, unexpected traffic volume, outages, technical limitations, customer equipment, obstructions, weather or other conditions may interfere with service quality, availability, and may result in areas of no service.