Warehouse Device Technology

A key element to a well organized and profitable business is maintaining and communicating actionable data, and knowing your data is accurate, accessible, and updated on a real-time basis. The use of spreadsheets or other manually processes are no longer acceptable in today’s modern operations. A wide range of tools are available to equip your workforce for most any use case, from handhelds and tablets to wearables and vehicle-mounted computers, there’s a tool that will enable your workers to perform at their best, shift after shift.

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Customer and partner expectations are evolving rapidly. The immediacy that we enjoy in our private lives by using Internet-connected personal devices has shaped our business expectations dramatically. It’s no longer acceptable for data to lag behind processes. Customers and other participants expect data to be available now and whenever they need it. Contact Commenco and we’ll show you how your organization can satisfy the demands of “data at the speed of now”..

Solutions for every industry

All industries are different and face diverse business requirements.That said, most enterprises regardless of industry have at least a few things in common: the need to evolve business models to maintain profitability, as well as a mandate to deliver a superior customer experience. Commenco combines the power of our vast experience with a customer-focused consultative approach to help clients across industries envision, and ultimately build a more innovative enterprise. We maintain relationships with some of the most advanced technology manufacturers so we can deliver solutions to our customers that solve challenges and put our customers in a position to succeed.

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Products that make a difference:

Commenco partners with top manufacturers to provide the best solution for your wireless device needs.

Rugged Mobile Computers

We offer a range of mobile computer design forms to equip your workers for all use cases—from handhelds and tablets to wearables and vehicle-mounted computers. Whether they run on the Windows® or Android™ operating system, Mobile computers feature robust built-in software intelligence that enables your workers to perform at their best, shift after shift.

Scanners & RFID

You may be choosing a barcode scanner, but what you’re acquiring are scanning abilities. The ability to scan dirty, damaged barcodes, survive harsh work environments and streamline day-to-day management. Our manufacturers anticipate every challenge so you can scan anything, anywhere, no matter what.


Toughness isn’t the end game...it’s just the starting point, table stakes for a purpose that’s far-reaching, high achieving and uniquely defined by you. It’s time to power your job performance and career aspirations to their highest level with a purpose-built tablet that’s perfectly matched and personally customized to work your way.


From simplified set-up to quality construction to performance-enhancing Print DNA software toolset – our printers are designed to be self-reliant, durable, and endlessly eager to work. Going beyond just hardware, they deliver the autonomy, intelligence – and unlike other brands, security – that give you peace of mind and a genuine sense of protection.

Wireless Infrastructure

The enterprise wireless network landscape is always changing to keep up the significantly increased demand for mission critical, high-capacity, and high-performance networking. Commenco is partnered with the industry’s leading wireless LAN technology manufacturers, which enables us to provide our customers with WLAN solutions that are custom-built to deliver the most robust and reliable networks possible.

Labels & Supplies

Commenco's barcode, RFID and card supplies have been carefully selected to ensure high print quality, durability and read performance, as well as reduced printer wear and tear. Benefit from reduced instances of unreadable or missing labels, IT service calls and premature printhead failure. Commenco's broad range of barcode supplies means we have a solution for virtually any application. Leverage our knowledge to maximize your return on investment.