Access Control Systems

The Future of Business is Keyless

Relying on deadbolt locks and keys to control access in and around your business leaves you exposed to unnecessary security risks and inefficiencies.

Access control technologies can empower a single user in a remote location to fully control one or all doors in a building.

Doors can be locked or unlocked at the same time, unusual activity can trigger alerts, and controls can be customized down to the individual.

The technology puts you firmly in command of who has access, when and where within your building.

“Waiting too long to move on from traditional keys can be costly. We’ve seen businesses suffer major losses, and the message we try to send is don’t wait for a crisis to force you to get serious about access control.”

Mike Markham, Director of Commenco Technology Solutions

Uncover Hidden Issues

Maybe you’ve got an employee who routinely props the back door open to slip out for a cigarette or maybe someone is removing items from your building after hours without permission. You’d be surprised what access control data and camera footage can uncover!

Capture Data Analytics

Analytics capabilities make access control technologies even more valuable to employers. Analytics can teach you new things about your operation such as the arrival and departure times of employees and how they move throughout your building.

Does your business routinely change locks and keys?

It’s a waste of time and money and the cycle never ends!

If the thought of transitioning from locks and keys to a digital system feels intimidating, an access control demonstration will likely put you at ease.