License Plate Recognition

Our license plate recognition portfolio combines the most extensive portfolio of purpose-built cameras with advanced software designed to turn license plates into leads.

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Go beyond basic license plate searches and alerts

Commenco’s portfolio of devices provide you a number of options to capture accurate license plate recognition data. More importantly, this technology empowers your team to use those detections to increase officer awareness, patrol productivity and investigative efficiency.

Robust, Accurate Data Capture

Scan license plates with a variety of camera types, integrations and mobile applications.

Exclusive Search & Data Analysis

Turn your vehicle location data into lead-generating intelligence that helps close cases.

Data Sharing & Retention Control

It’s your data – not ours. Easily share it and manage its retention completely on your terms.

Our license plate recognition camera systems

We offer a variety of LPR camera systems, purpose-built for your specific needs. Each incorporates our best-in-class optical character recognition (OCR) algorithm to ensure you’re capturing the most accurate license plate recognition data.

Fixed License Plate Recognition

Capture more license plate recognition data per dollar spent with precision scanning on your high-speed, high-volume roadways.

Quick-Deploy License Plate Recognition

Conduct more tactical enforcement with temporary or semi-permanent license plate recognition data capture almost anywhere.

Mobile License Plate Recognition

Heighten awareness on the road, guide officer patrol efforts and collect data at scale with powerful, reliable mobile license plate recognition.

Trying to determine which LPR camera systems you need?

Other solutions with LPR technology

Beyond offering purpose-built license plate recognition cameras, our advanced algorithm can be utilized in other video systems you use.








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