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Wireless networking improves experiences between businesses and customers. It provides a backbone for information exchange between workers and business systems, and can streamline communication among coworkers and colleagues.

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Commenco helps companies make meaningful connections. Wireless infrastructure in your business is crucial to ensuring that data is communicated and available when it’s needed to satisfy customer inquiries, plan and orchestrate operational processes, and view real-time performance data as tasks are completed on the shop floor. Without this data, your company is always one step behind and making decisions off of data that isn’t reflective of what’s happening now.

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Structural Considerations

Architectural design and construction materials can impact how well a radio signal works in your facility.

  • Site Selection
  • Building Materials
  • Building Codes
  • Building Size

Non-Structural Considerations

If you design a communications security plan up front, you prevent problems from interrupting operations later.

  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP)
  • Emergency Rresponder radio signal boosters
  • Utility surveillance
  • Landscape Design


Commenco puts together wireless solutions from today’s top manufacturers so you can ditch the wires and go wireless with business critical applications. We design wireless solutions for companies of all sizes and can put our experience to work for you too!

Access Points

Access points are the devices that wireless users connect to in a wireless system. Strategic deployment throughout your facility, as determined by a professional site survey, is what ensures that you have enough access points to cover users no matter where them roam in your operation. Choose from indoor and outdoor rated access points depending on environment to provide full coverage in and around your facility. Cloud-enabled access points simplify things by offering a single point of management for installation, configuration, network management and diagnosis.


With external antenna, the access point and the antenna can be mounted separately, protecting the access point from harsh environmental conditions. External antennas are also beneficial for reducing interference by focusing the signal directionally versus the omnidirectional signal from an internal antenna.

Point-to-Point Communications

Commenco designs and deploys Point-to-Point (PTP) networks, which enable wireless communication between two or more locations. Users in remote buildings can connect to the Internet, share files and other forms of data across the network, or link equipment like surveillance cameras or other devices at distant building locations via a point-to-point bridge. These connections are a dependable, economical, and secure way to provide communications and can span short distances or many miles depending on the equipment selected for each purpose.

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