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Commencos IoT solutions enable customers to deploy a wide variety of Plug & Play IoT solutions that range from Air Quality, Refrigeration Monitoring, Occupancy / People Counting, Leak Detection, Building Management, Asset Tracking, Lone Worker Safety, Water / Gas / Electric Submetering, Building Management, and an endless number of other use cases.

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myDevices introduces commercial-ready, turnkey solutions that address remote monitoring challenges for a variety of verticals. Plug-and-play gateway and sensors are pre-configured with a LoRaWAN™ network connection and can be up and running in minutes. Easily build your own IoT in a Box® with the hardware of your choice, white label apps, and APIs to quickly determine the viability of any monitoring use case and significantly reduce development efforts and time to market.


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Panic Buttons

The Push&Protect Panic Button Solution helps hotels, hospitals, school campuses, and more, provide a safer environment for staff by providing wearable panic buttons that can be used to alert security in case of an emergency and accurately report the location of any employee, anywhere on the hotel property.

Air Quality

Reliably measures up to 14 vital environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, VOCs, Ozone, particulate matter, light level. Choose up to 4 additional plug-in gas sensors from a range of over 200 gas types and sensitivities. Fully digital and factory calibrated.

Asset Tracking

Easily tracks high-value indoor assets with Bluetooth beacons. Provides 24/7 on-demand location reporting. Improves business efficiency and reduces operating costs resulting from misplaced assets. Includes 3-axis accelerator-supported illegal movement alerts. Maximum 5-month standby time, 180-day trace relay, and 1 ~ 3m accuracy.

Iot Solution Benefits

Commenco carries a full line of iot solution sensors ready to deploy for almost every use. 

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Deploy Flexible Solutions

We have the flexibility and customizability to easily build your own plug and play solution with hardware of your choice, white label apps, APIs and SDKs to quickly determine the viability of any monitoring use case and significantly reduce development efforts and time to market.

Ralph Aguilar, Commenco Technical Services Manager

Progressive Web App

Our solution delivers substantial time and money savings to Businesses by enabling users to remotely monitor and protect their assets around the clock using our online dashboard and mobile apps. Our web apps support installation to PC/Mac desktop, iOS or Android smartphone or tablets. Using a progressive web app ensures users are always running the most recent version and are installed directly from a browser, eliminating the need to hand out constantly-changing links to any app store.

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