Deploying New Technology? Experience Matters!

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Deploying New Technology? Experience Matters!

New technology is a business investment that should pay for itself over and over again. But it’s your team’s ability to roll out the new system that ultimately determines the return. If you’ve never deployed a new technology system, the following scenarios can affect the outcome.

Clarity of Business Goals

Whether it’s two-way radios, surveillance, access control, or inventory management, each system must be carefully matched to your business if you expect to achieve a good result. Beware of companies eager to sell you solutions if they’ve never had a thoughtful business conversation with you.

What are you hoping to achieve with your new system? What are your operating conditions like and how quickly do you expect employees to embrace new tools? 

Many factors can impact the outcome of what you’re trying to achieve and a good partner will give you an honest assessment and help you work through specific challenges your company is facing.  Technology systems should be set up for how you do business rather than forcing your business to adapt to the system. 

When it comes to wireless systems, your expectations of what could be possible must be realistic and good partners will be straight with you about risks and limitations. Never trust someone who promises a blanket wireless solution that covers every inch of your property without fail. Our technicians frequently replace entire systems at companies where results didn’t live up to lofty promises they were sold.

Some businesses do require expansive wireless coverage throughout their facility, however, budget constraints are real and most are better off focusing on coverage for key operational spaces while skipping over irrelevant spaces used for things like storage. 

Are You Up to the Challenge?

How much experience do you have working with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)? Coordinating licensed wireless frequencies with the FCC is no small task and we highly recommend working with an experienced partner who has a clear understanding of FCC rules and regulations. Winging compliance with the FCC can seriously raise your risk of receiving licensing violations and all the expensive fines that go with them.

Whether it’s an entire system or a few hardware components, there’s more to installing and deploying a technology system than connecting and powering up wires and equipment. 

Unfortunately, businesses that partner with inexperienced technology firms often find out the hard way after installation is complete and the bill is paid. They eventually realize their technology doesn’t work right, interferes with other systems, or even causes problems outside of their own walls. 

Those problems are preventable if tests are conducted along the way, and technicians focused on the best business outcomes rely on testing as part of their process. Before we make any equipment recommendations, we want to pinpoint demands on signal strength and nail down potential technical challenges that might interfere with other signals and technologies.

Committed Today and Tomorrow

If a technology firm disappears after deployment, they weren’t a real partner to begin with. While some business relationships naturally end after the sale is complete, those involving facility technologies should be treated differently. A good technology partner will follow-up to fine-tune your system and will continue to show up for maintenance so your system stays sharp.

Technology changes fast, and equipment improvements and software updates are always just around the corner. Businesses change too, often expanding and remodeling offices and implementing new technologies that can impact a wireless system’s overall performance. 

Even shifts in the earth’s atmosphere can trigger a wireless problem. Sudden electrical surges high in the sky can sometimes scatter radio signals and diminish quality. Our technicians are all too familiar with most of these problems and know where to make adjustments to prevent costly disruptions.

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Plug into a Local Team of Specialists

Commenco isn’t a national company with a local satellite office. We’re your Kansas City neighbor and that means we’re just a phone call away when local businesses need us. For nearly 70 years, Kansas City companies of all sizes have depended on our knowledge of wireless systems, and our skills have been tested and sharpened by the most demanding technologies and well-known customers in the region.

While our expertise and experience is unrivaled in Kansas City, our business is built on relationships and partnerships and we don’t see that changing any time soon. We’re focused on solving problems that will help our customers most and they know they can trust us to deliver the right solution. 

Before you delve too deeply into planning the stages of your technology roll-out, consider giving us a call to talk through the process and experience the value a good partner can bring.

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