Commenco Care

Managed Services for Motorola Two-Way Radio Systems

Maintain the robust performance of your two-way radio system with Commenco Care, a complete suite of managed services!

Commenco Care is an extended service agreement that allows your company to transfer two-way radio operations and maintenance responsibilities to our service team.




Free Pick-Up & delivery of covered equipment

System training for new employees

System Performance Documentation

Annual Services Rendered Statements

Cyber security enhancements

20% Discount on non-contract repairs

To ensure Commenco customers are compliant with FCC regulatory and licensing requirements, our team manages and coordinates FCC filings, changes, renewals, and more to greatly reduce your risk of incurring a fine.

Contact us to see the complete list of services included in Commenco Care plans.

If you’re considering an investment in a commercial radio system, or you’ve already purchased one, routine maintenance could be costly. A Commenco Care service agreement shifts the burden from your team to ours and can save your company thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your investment.

Minimize Your Risk!

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COMMENCO CARE does not cover water damage, damage from abuse or acts of God. It also does not cover outside antennas, coax, or connectors. Discounts and services only apply for equipment covered under the Commenco Care program.