logistics & Warehouse solutions

Access Control

Track who goes in and out of your warehouse and limit areas to only certain access codes with top of the line security controls.

Emergency Response / Security Alerts

We partner with Response Technologies to bring your warehouse the fastest duress and response systems on the market.

Fire Code Equipment

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage equipment ensures first responders can do their jobs.

Inventory Tracking

Barcode scanners, Radio Frequency Identification tracking (RFID), Zebra industrial printers and labels.

Two-Way Radios

Motorola Solutions two-way radios provide clear communication throughout the warehouse.

Radio Rentals

We have one of the largest radio rental inventories in the country! Short and long term rentals are available.


24/7/365 “smart” network surveillance monitors and records all activity happening in and around the warehouse.

WMS & Applications

Workflow automation, service order dispatching, inventory tracking, open issue tracking, security alerts, man-down / lone worker notifications.

Private LTE Wireless Networks

Connect everyone and everything in your warehouse with a private LTE wireless network, once only available to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Service/ Maintenance Agreements

Maintain the robust performance of your two-way radio system with Commenco Care, a complete suite of managed services.