Wireless Equipment & Technology Support for Distribution & Warehouse Operations

Equipment Installation & Technology Deployments

Commenco can install all types of wireless equipment, regardless of where you purchased it. We also manage technology deployments, which includes the installation of equipment and/or systems, configuration, testing, bug fixes, customization, changes, and employee training and support.

Barcode Scanners & RFID Equipment

Handheld barcode and RFID readers, printers, and industrial labels keep track of what’s coming and going in distribution, fulfillment, and warehouse operations. Learn more

Two-Way Radio Equipment & Service

Nothing is faster than push-to-talk voice communications when you need an immediate response. Learn more

Radio / Cell Signal Boosters

Signal boosters amplify and extend public safety radio and cellular signal coverage inside public and commercial buildings. Learn more

Radio Rentals

Commenco has one of the largest radio rental inventories in the country. Short and long term contracts are available. Learn more

Surveillance Equipment & System Installations

Our single and multiple location surveillance systems have artificial intelligence to help you make sense of what you see. Learn more

Access Control Equipment & System Installations

Access control empowers a single user to control one or all doors in your facility, onsite, or from a remote location. Learn more

Software Integration

We partner with software companies to embed intelligence, apps, and utilities into our hardware to give your team a custom solution. Learn more

FCC Licensing & Management

We manage FCC filings, changes, renewals, and more to make sure your radio system is compliant. Learn more

CBRS Private LTE

A private LTE network can handle almost 4x the bandwidth of wi-fi with fewer access points needed to cover the same space. Learn more

Wireless Infrastructure

We can help you design a custom wireless communications solution during the construction of new facilities. Learn more

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