Focus Your Cameras on Doing Business Better

Focus Your Cameras on Doing Business Better

It’s no secret that commercial video surveillance systems are the unrivaled security tools modern businesses depend on. But that’s just the beginning. You can get an even better return on your system investment if you take advantage of software designed to improve the way you work.

The days of cameras simply providing views of your business are long gone. Video surveillance technology can now think, not just see. Cameras stream live video back to a centralized system capable of analyzing details and detecting patterns to reveal useful insights for improving business operations.

Software analytics applied to video data can give you a closer look at how your employees work and how your customers move, to allow smarter scheduling, better inventory positioning, and more strategic use of space. For example, analytics can highlight areas of your property or times of day that are especially busy. Knowing this information can help you plan accordingly and use your resources more efficiently. You can adjust staffing or even business hours to streamline and focus where and when it really counts.

Video surveillance analytics can monitor the physical flow of customers and employees across a business.

Video surveillance can also be used to confirm critical actions, a particularly valuable benefit for warehouse, logistics, and other businesses across many industries. Cameras in production areas and loading docks can document the proper handling, storage, and delivery of inventory, including detailed information on conditions and timing. The result is clear evidence of actions and proof of performance that’s especially valuable if questions arise about missing materials or missed deadlines.

Project managers working in construction, event planning, and many other settings can now use video surveillance to monitor supply levels remotely to keep teams productive without preventable slowdowns and delays. Managing staff and materials becomes easier when you can keep watch over multiple sites from a phone or tablet without relying on being there in person. And recorded footage is priceless for liability purposes.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are constantly evolving the potential of video surveillance to do business better. What if your system became predictive someday and could tell you about threats and opportunities before they even materialize? The future is closer than you may think.

“Surveillance analytics will just keep getting better at teaching you about your business,” says Mike Markham, Commenco’s Director of Commercial and Industrial Technologies. “Analytics tell you what’s really going on and give you a chance to make smarter decisions about how you spend time and money.”