Two-Way Radio Rental Rush: Reasons to Reserve Yours Now

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Two-Way Radio Rental Rush: Reasons to Reserve Yours Now

The end of the pandemic era’s most severe restrictions has translated into a stampede toward radio rentals and a rush of discovery for event planners who have never tried them. Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening and why you shouldn’t miss out.


Equipping a Rebound

People safely gathering again and events reappearing on calendars. Even as the pandemic drags on and everyone remains on high alert, we’re all eager to get back to doing what we love together and planning good times when possible. That’s making Commenco Rental Manager, Jeff Quint, a popular guy.

“It’s been a busy summer, really busy,” says Quint, scrolling through reservation requests. “The pandemic still blocked everything in the first part of the year and many events were pushed to summer or fall. So now it’s like a full year being crammed into a few months.”

Last year, Quint watched a huge chunk of Commenco’s two-way rental business slip away with blanket lockdowns. But now it’s roaring back. “Construction and other project-oriented businesses kept going despite the pandemic and continued building rentals into their budgets. But probably half of our rental business is tied to events, and all of that went away. 2021 is very different. Many events are rebounding.”

Quint has years of experience connecting people with commercial two-ways that make their work easier and better. He’s seen it all, from weddings and small marathons involving a few two-ways, to county fairs, major sporting events and festivals drawing tens of thousands of people and dozens of radios. Many events are starting to get back on track now and Quint says there’s a special feeling about it.  “Everyone’s so excited! We’re excited. This is more like it. The way things are supposed to go.”

Two-way radios are par for the course at marathons and other sporting events.

What a Difference Radios Make

Ask anyone who’s managed an event of any size, and they’ll tell you it’s far more difficult than you might think. Things rarely go exactly as planned. Flexibility becomes paramount as the event unfolds and circumstances change. Operations are often touch and go every step of the way.

“I watch closely at some of these events and it just looks like mass chaos behind the scenes,” says Quint. “It’s like ants running everywhere, working as hard as they can to keep everything going the way it’s intended. It takes a lot out of these people, mentally and physically.”

In a scrambled event setting, two-way radios can be game changers that immediately bring calm and order by directly linking everyone on your team. They’re as easy to operate as pushing a button and the sound quality is unrivaled. They’re also incredibly durable and hold up just fine in even the most difficult conditions. Unlike your smart phone, reliability is a standard expectation of two-ways. You can count on a signal and voices coming through crystal clear.


Just a button push away from connecting your entire team.

“These aren’t walkie-talkies kids play with. They’re made to perform, whether it’s a rugged construction environment or a museum setting. Two-ways don’t disappoint, as long as you rent the right ones for your needs. Rental businesses commonly offer just one model, but we have a full range of two-ways to match specific settings, needs and purposes.”

You can get anything from a simple two-way for a small event in a small coverage area all the way up to radios that leverage the internet to deliver nationwide coverage. They come packaged with a range of options offering features that are just what your event team needs to do their job right.

“The whole challenge our event customers face is organization. You’re trying to organize an event for success and the right two-way unlocks that potential,” says Quint. “It keeps everyone on the same page and organized, and allows individuals to stay on task. You can focus on your work instead of running around relaying information and tracking people down.”

Easy event organization and coordination at your fingertips.

Do radios really make a difference? Quint says the reaction from customers when they return their rentals says it all. Customers almost always become repeat customers after they personally experience the way two-ways streamline their work, eliminate redundant activity and boost productivity.

“It’s funny, sometimes a new customer will want to ease into the idea of rentals by just starting with a few radios for who they see as key people on their team,” explains Quint, describing a dynamic he’s seen over and over again. “Then they order up two-ways for everyone on the team the next time around and wonder why they were holding back. Just about every new rental leads to an ‘aha’ moment.”

Extra Peace of Mind

The service surrounding a two-way radio rental can make a good idea even better. Event organizers are always in a rush as the day of their event draws near. They don’t have time to spare and multitasking becomes a way of life. That’s why Quint makes pickup and preparation as easy as possible.

“You’ve got enough going on the day of your event, so I can work with you to provide the radios in advance. Delivery may even be possible. I’ll make sure your devices are charged up and we’ll match them with accessories that fit your purposes and deliver the full value two-ways offer.”

In-ear pieces — a popular accessory for a hands-free advantage.

What could be easier than pushing a button to talk to your team, and knowing they’re always connected and working with efficiency that’s essential for successful events. While operating two-ways is highly intuitive, Quint recommends spending a couple of minutes with him going over some basics.

“The radios are ready right out of the box, but the more you know about what they can do and how they can be used effectively for your particular event, the better off you’re going to be right from the start. A little training can go a long way in keeping your event running smoothly.”