SCADA Remote Terminal Units

Commenco can provide SCADA systems integration so you can have real-time monitoring of all IT/OT system data.

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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SCADA RTUs are made to help you keep your teams out of harm’s way, reduce downtime and optimize operational efficiencies – maximizing the safety, productivity, and profitability of your organization. Our RTUs feature versatile interconnectivity over a combination of wired and wireless networks – including our two-way radio networks – for the most encompassing and reliable process automation and monitoring of your assets and field equipment. They also support a variety of other broadband and narrowband technologies including third-party analog/digital two-way radio, dial-up modem, point-to-point microwave, 3G/4G public or private, and Ethernet. And, they are standards compliant and compatible with a variety of common protocols including MODBUS and DNP3.


SCADA Simplified

The ACE1000 is a highly flexible, easily deployed RTU that’s ideal for less complex process automation and monitoring applications. Its Linux operating system and remotely accessible, web-based management and configuration tool, minimize the specialized knowledge and time needed to deploy or expand your SCADA system for more encompassing control.


For Operations-Critical SCADA

The ACE3600 is designed to handle large volumes of data for more complex process automation and monitoring. With robust security features, scalable capacity and a high-performance processor it can connect to, and manage, any number of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), RTUs and other operational technologies while being remotely maintained through a single front end processor gateway.

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