Radio & Cellular Signal Boosters

Will Your Building Pass A Wireless Signal Test?

Radio signal tests are routinely performed by fire inspectors to make sure commercial and industrial buildings have adequate wireless system coverage for public safety.

A certificate of occupancy permit can not be issued if the building fails this test.

Why Do ERRC Signal Tests Matter?

Following the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001, International Fire Codes were updated to ensure first responders would be able to access radio frequencies from any commercial building in an emergency.

First responders rely on these public radio systems to communicate with dispatch and each other if their own radio signal is spotty.

When Should Buildings Be Tested?

New building ERRC tests can be completed once the building’s core and shell are completed and all windows and doors have been installed.

For existing buildings, ERRC should be retested annually and retested if local authorities change radio frequencies or update their system.

International Fire Code (IFC) 510: IFC Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Requirements

International Fire Code (IFC) 510 and the National Fire Protection Act (NFPA) 72 require all post 9/11 commercial buildings to have radio coverage or a radio enhancement system. Commenco designs and installs emergency responder radio coverage systems and certifies compliance with IFC fire codes.

What Does a Signal Booster Do?

Signal boosters amplify and extend public safety radio frequency and cellular signal coverage capacity inside public and commercial buildings.

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (also called Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems) amplify indoor radio frequency signal coverage and extend capacity for first responders relying on the building’s public safety radio system. These must comply with all IFC 510 requirements.

Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems boost indoor cell signal coverage and capacity across multiple cell carriers (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Private LTE & WiFi)

Commence designs, installs, certifies, and re-certifies indoor wireless communication systems and ensures they comply with International Fire Codes.

Need a Signal BOOST?