Keep Better Track of Inventory, Assets, and Tools.

Keep Better Track of Inventory, Assets, and Tools.

In between standard, low-end barcode scanners and high-end, fixed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems lies the new Zebra RFD90. This premier, portable RFID reader is a powerful handheld tool quickly finding its way into businesses hungry to do more and work faster, without breaking the bank.

“The price is really coming down on portable RFID solutions, which makes room for more applications that are useful to more businesses,” says Mike Markham, Commenco’s Director of Commercial and Industrial Technologies. “You no longer necessarily need to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in a comprehensive fixed hardware system.”

The Zebra RFD90 features ahighly-adaptable sled design that delivers valuable flexibility in the palm of your hand at a more affordable price. Just attach your mobile computer to a sled and start using RFID on the fly as tasks change.

“You’ve got a barcode reader and then you can just switch to RFID, giving you the ability to automatically collect data without a direct line of sight,” explains Markham. “You can also read a volume of labeled items at once, not each item one at a time.”

Turn on item-finder mode and your handheld RFID sled can detect a needle in a haystack, instantly pointing you toward an item you might have otherwise wasted precious productivity time digging around to find.

Drop your computer onto a RFID sled and keep working without interruption.

Handheld RFID can be an immediate leap forward for any organization wanting to eliminate time wasted searching for valuable assets, chasing lost tools, or retrieving custom product orders from piles of inventory. For warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and other large operations already equipped with a fixed RFID system, handhelds can be great add-ons to extend productivity. You no longer have to necessarily choose between a fixed and portable RFID system.