Should You Buy or Rent Radios?

Should You Buy or Rent Radios?


Thinking About Buying Two-Way Radios?

Many organizations tell us rentals are a better option. Here’s why:

1. Renting is less expensive than buying

Buying two-way radios requires a large initial investment and the costs associated with storing, tracking, and maintenance make renting a less expensive solution, especially for temporary situations.

Renting means we take responsibility for all the radio hard costs as well as depreciation and rentals are available for a few hours or several months, which makes renting a more flexible choice. Rental agreements can be written with short and long-term options.


2. You need two-way radios ASAP!

Rental radios are ready for immediate use and can quickly be coordinated with all other frequencies and equipment on site. Large-scale operations and events require more staff, which means more radios are needed.

When you rent, your staff is up and running without the hassle of maintenance and storage. You can rent as many units as you need and a discount is typically offered on volume rentals. If your crowd grows larger or you hire more people, plenty of last-minute rentals are available.


3. Cell phones lose their signal

Cell phone signals cannot be trusted. Period. And an abundance of cell phones being used in one location overwhelms nearby cell towers and affects the quality of the signal. It gets worse when everyone jumps on at the same time, which is what happens in an emergency.

Using a cell phone means you’re also dependent on a cell carrier’s service at any given time instead of a dedicated radio frequency. While staff types, sends, dials and waits for an answer from a phone, time is wasted and productivity is lost. With two-way radios, you just push a button and start talking.


4. Two-way radios don’t often break

Two-way radios are far more rugged than cell phones and when you rent them, you save all the costs of maintenance and damages. If a staffer drops a rented radio, there’s no glass screen to crack and nothing to break. Two-way radios are built to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions, and the rental company takes all the risk.

Commenco has one of the largest two-way radio rental inventories in the country and can ship UHF/VHF conventional and trunked radios overnight via UPS or FedEx anywhere in the country. We offer local delivery in the Kansas City area.



  • Additional Staff / Interns / Volunteers
  • Contractors / Field Labor
  • Event Planners / Security
  • Fleet Drivers / Warehouse Teams
  • School Safety Teams
  • Trade Show Operations / Team Communications


  • 24/7/365 customer service
  • Event support staff
  • FCC licensed frequencies or matched to your equipment
  • Multi-year agreements with customer incentives
  • Special event frequency coordination
  • On-site inventory management
  • Timely delivery
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