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Two-Way Radios Offer Key Advantage In Pandemic Service Scramble

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Two-Way Radios Offer Key Advantage In Pandemic Service Scramble

While COVID-19 has shuttered scores of businesses, others are scrambling to keep up with an avalanche of new service demands. Responsiveness has become a survival skill for weathering the economic storm. Many businesses are transforming the services they provide and the right tools can really make a difference, including affordable two-way radios specially designed for the job.

Serving a Demanding New World.

Practicality rules in the time of a pandemic. Businesses are bearing down on core employees, resources and processes to power their ability to keep operating without missing a beat. They’re planning around productivity and efficiency in a delicate balancing act of propping up revenue streams while weeding out unnecessary costs and anything else that drags the bottom line.

Restaurants are on the front lines of the service scramble. Many created and introduced new takeout processes overnight when dining room shutdowns shocked the industry. Servers who used to wait tables are now shouting phone orders, rounding up takeout packaging and running orders back and forth to the curb.

Many restaurants also find themselves suddenly arranging delivery service for the first time and sorting out the careful coordination it requires, while other restaurants work to take their existing delivery service to a new level with more staff and expanded territory.

Coordinating workers indoors, outdoors and around town is a new reality for restaurants.

Grocery stores are transforming service too. They’re working to meet new expectations for cleanliness, safety and keeping shelves stocked. We’ve all seen runs on things like toilet paper and bread that have grocery workers racing back and forth with the inventory. Others are trying to figure out rotating shifts to continuously wipe down surfaces and keep checkouts clean. Many grocery stores are also plunging into delivery service for the first time along with curbside pickup and dealing with the confusion that comes with it.

A clean, safe and well-stocked environment has workers working overtime inside grocery stores.

Stand-alone delivery services are being crunched like never before. From boxes and packages to alcohol and medicine, the pandemic is pressuring delivery service providers to work faster and smarter to feed markets that are suddenly shifting in their direction. Businesses specializing in deep cleaning services are also finding themselves under the gun as schools, daycares, offices, and restaurants unleash new streams of urgent demand that stretch resources and stress staffing plans.

Deep cleaning service businesses are in extremely high demand and staffing up.

The realities of tight budgets and small teams cast a dark shadow over the entire situation. A dramatic service shift is easier to map out, manage and sustain for larger companies with deeper pockets and more people. But smaller businesses work in a much different world where the money is always ‘pay as you go’ tight and staffing routinely shrinks and swells with revenue fluctuations.

In addition, managers in smaller businesses already had their hands full before the pandemic hit. Regular daily operations keep them busy as a way of life, leaving little time for training new hires, sharpening processes or implementing complicated new technologies that can help.

Two-Way Radios Answer the Call.

Regardless of the idiosyncrasies of your business, improving communication among team members goes a long way in improving service. Two-way radios strengthen, streamline and optimize communication, and protect against chaos during stressful situations. Radios keep workers connected and coordinated in real-time which translates into powerful efficiencies and a consistently better experience for your customers.

Two-way radios are a reliable, durable tool that stands up to almost any job. They’re well known for keeping staff on the same page as conditions change moment-to-moment and blow past the delicate handling and signal-sensitive nature of cell phones. Two-ways are easy to use and make staff instantly accessible with the push of a button, whether they’re inside, outside, across the parking lot or across town.

Radios allow your people to work closer together and speed up productivity without missing key details. Simply put, the quality of the service your business provides depends on the collaboration of everyone involved. Two-way radios unite them into one, highly-responsive team.

The Right Two-Way Radios for Right Now.

The timing of the arrival of Motorola Solutions Wave™ TLK100 two-way radios couldn’t be better. The TLK100s have just hit the market as the service scramble takes hold in the pandemic economy. In addition to being as famously-reliable as all two-way radios Commenco offers, the TLK100s are pretty much ready to go right out of the box at an affordable price. 

You don’t have to set aside a bunch of time for training, even for new hires. And you don’t have to think about navigating specific carrier networks. All of that is handled behind the scenes. Just turn the radios on, do some simple set up and go to work knowing everyone you work with is only a button push away.

tlk 100 two way radio

An all-inclusive subscription is a small business dream. One monthly subscription to Motorola’s Wave wireless service for each TLK100 radio is all you need. Subscription prices run as little as $35. Get a couple of radios or dozens to meet your needs, it’s up to you. You don’t have to buy a radio system, maintain a system or deal with FCC licensing. It’s a great way to boost your service effort without busting your budget and throwing off cash flow.

While the TLK100s are poised to become the communication tool of choice during the pandemic, rentals of other radios are a good option too, depending on your business purposes. And Commenco is providing extra loaner radios at no charge to area hospitals to help them cope with an influx of patients.

Any way you look at it, two-ways from Commenco are a smart solution. At a time when so many business owners are wondering how to make every penny count while rallying to meet the changing needs of a pandemic economy, radios are a quick, affordable fix that you’ll want to stick with long after the immediate crisis ends.

Can two-way radios help you handle shifting responsibilities at your business?

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