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“Why Didn’t I Think of This Sooner?”

“Why Didn’t I Think of This Sooner?”

That’s a common reaction after renting two-way radios for the first time. Convenience is benefit number one, but it’s just one reason event planners, construction companies, entertainment venues, and other businesses make two-way rentals standard budget items. You simply make your reservation, pick up the radios, pass them out to your crew, and start communicating instantly.

“Many businesses get into a steady routine of repeat rentals,” explains Commenco Rental Manager Jeff Quint. “Rentals are easy one-stop shopping when a project pops up, and the radios are flexible enough to meet all kinds of coverage needs.”

Unlike typical cell phones, commercial two-ways rarely get stuck without a signal. They’re easy to use and the sound quality is crystal clear, even in industrial conditions and other noisy environments. Put them in the hands of your workers, and suddenly you’ve opened the door to substantially better coordination.

“When you have a group of workers spread out over a few hundred yards or even miles, two-ways connect them quicker than any other device. It’s as if they’re standing right next to each other,” says Quint. “Everyone can hear each other clearly, adjust plans on the fly, and get to work. Two-ways deliver a huge advantage that makes organization of people and processes easier and faster.”

Two-way communication means walking around less and focusing more on priority work at events and project sites.

Streamlining communication and coordination increases focus, allowing workers to do quality work with limited interruptions when plans or conditions change. “You get more done with less effort. You just work smarter,” says Quint, after years of observing two-ways in action. “The communication part of the job becomes simple and even fun. You spend less time tracking people down for decisions and that means you can spend more time focused on productivity and quality. Your personal radio becomes your ‘can do’ device.”

The benefits outweigh the cost, too. Quint says rental prices almost always come as a pleasant surprise that easily slip into even tight budgets. The devices are fully charged, sanitized, and ready to go when you pick them up, and training only takes a few minutes.

“When I send radios out to a new rental customer, I expect to hear two things when they return. ‘How did we ever manage without these?’ and ‘We’ll be back.’