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Free Training Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Free Training Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore

Don’t Risk Fines and Repair Costs! Prevention is Easy and Free.

You bought and installed a two-way radio system. Now you need to teach your people how to use it properly to avoid fines and other risks that can threaten your business. Commenco’s new Commenco Care program provides employee training at no additional cost when you purchase a new system, and after the fact, as new employees join your team. Here’s what happens if you skip it.


What Employees Don’t Know Can Cost You Thousands.

Operating two-way radios may not seem like rocket science, but there’s more involved than just pushing a button and mistakes can be costly. People will try to use a radio like a cell phone unless they’re taught otherwise so you can’t take chances. Training is essential and thinking you can get by without it is unrealistic.

“Training employees allows you to get the most out of the system and your investment,” says Commenco Managing Director Gary Quint. “It also prevents all kinds of problems. When we get calls to investigate an issue, about half of those calls are traced to improper use.”

Improper use can mean federal fines, especially in a crowded urban area where multiple businesses are sharing frequencies licensed and regulated by the federal government. Fines can be as much as $5,000 and pile up daily until you fix the problem.

“The FCC strictly regulates the use of radio frequencies,” explains Quint. “If employees wind up on the wrong frequencies, operate the radios improperly, or even use profane language, you’ll hear from the government and the penalties can be shocking. The only prevention is training.”


The Untrained Path to Avoidable Abuse, Repairs, and Danger.

Untrained employees will dive into using your communication system without awareness for its needs. They’ll turn it into a workhorse without concern for maintenance even as the system’s performance slips and equipment deteriorates. Quint says untrained employees assume that a system will just keep chugging along at peak performance while they unknowingly abuse it.

“Radio systems are a particular concern. Employees don’t have good instincts for how to handle radios in their work environments. They don’t understand how to adjust for fluctuating temperatures or other environmental extremes. They don’t take the time to charge radios correctly and then seek unnecessary repairs. Many people don’t even realize how simple neglect and abuse can cause damage, like carrying a radio by its antenna. That happens all the time.”

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Safety risks happen too. Businesses that rely on communication systems for moment-to-moment collaboration in dangerous situations or the coordination of heavy industrial equipment just can’t afford untrained employees. Systems must work properly at all times and employees must know exactly how to operate them to avoid damage and injuries.

“Radios are built to be extremely reliable. You can count on them,” explains Quint. “But that’s only if they’re properly supported and used correctly. Otherwise, you’re taking chances that can have devastating consequences.”

Commenco Care’s free system training empowers your employees to help keep your system optimized and out of trouble through proper operation, handling, and maintenance. We’ll even customize our training to match your specific purpose and work conditions. A little education goes a long way.

“Some of these systems can last a decade or more with the right care,” says Quint. “Isn’t the investment worth it? Setting aside some time for training makes a big difference. Compare that to all the potential costs of skipping it.”


Why Risk a Knock-Out Punch?

In addition to preventing fines, damage and safety threats, training also helps minimize the risk of system failure. Blowing off training sets the stage for a crisis that can suddenly take your system and key business operations offline. Time is money and Quint says that really hits home when a communication system goes down.

“Businesses that use two-way radios depend on them and a system failure can be a harsh reminder. When a system goes offline, productivity can take a hit. Employees may have to stop working until repairs are made. The best way to minimize downtime is by teaching employees how to understand the needs of the system and how to identify early signs of problems before they snowball.”

System failures are especially frustrating when you know they didn’t have to happen. We understand how damaging and inconvenient failures can be. That’s why we offer free training through Commenco Care. We’ll also train new employees when they join your team, to make sure everyone is working to ensure your system performs better and lasts longer to help your company prosper.

Want to get even more out of your system? Partner with us and discover all the benefits of Commenco Care, a new program designed to protect your investment through training, maintenance and a long list of other valuable services. We believe in the best care because commercial two-way radio, surveillance and access control systems help businesses thrive. They’re #ToolsNotToys.

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