Covers 8 key areas – Includes satisfactory/unsatisfactory conditions report.

  • General tower structure up to 500 feet
  • Tower foundation and guy anchors
  • Guy wires and fittings
  • Antennas, microwave dishes, coax, and fittings
  • Paint and obstruction markings
  • On-site electrical grid, ground points, and lighting systems
  • HVAC
  • Power generators
  • Other services


System Design, Deployment, and Installation

Applicable to many traditional and emerging technologies requiring locating and positioning on elevated platforms and surfaces

Upgrades and Maintenance

Regardless of whether Commenco built the system or supplied the hardware, we’re routinely contracted to provide enhancements and perform maintenance for longer equipment life spans without interruption

LED Lighting Switching

System design and technical expertise for tower owners, public entities, utility companies, and others transitioning from incandescent lighting systems to more efficient, less expensive LED technology

Expanding Internet Infrastructure

Linking towers and providing other technical support for the extension and development of high-speed networks into rural areas and other underserved communities


Commenco’s climbing track record is rare in the Kansas City region. We first pioneered tower network communications in the 1950s and we’ve been scaling structures to perform sophisticated technical services ever since.

Decades of Hands-On Tower Work

Designing, installing, and maintaining wireless networks connected by multiple towers and varying communication platforms.

Understanding of Tower Environments

As tower users ourselves, maintaining our own two-way radio network, we understand everything from ground infrastructure to antennas at the top, and all the connecting infrastructure in between.

Expertise Across Other Elevated Locations

Flexibility for tackling technology needs on raised structures including the walls and rooftops of school, business, and government buildings.

Highly-Adaptable Field Skills

Tailored to adjust to different settings ranging from factories, warehouses, and logistics centers of all sizes to specialized storage silos and complex construction zones.


Commenco has built a safe and specialized climbing culture on the pillars of training, certification, and a commitment to the responsibility of liability. We are a proud member of The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association (NATE).

Safety Comes First

  • OSHA and First Aid certifications
  • CPR and rescue education
  • Professional grade climbing gear and tools
  • Healthy climber rest/work balance
  • No climbing at night, in fog, high winds, lightning or other risk-enhanced conditions

Technical Education

  • Motorola R56 Communication Site Installer Training and ongoing technical education keeps our crews in the loop on changes in technology and evolving methods
  • Advanced FCC licensing expertise and technical rules, regulations, and violation knowledge
  • Understanding of FAA tower and lighting requirements including technical connections and standards, bulb brightness, and flash timing synchronization.
NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association