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The Best Time to Deploy Wireless Technology Inside Your Business

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The Best Time to Deploy Wireless Technology Inside Your Business

When you’re moving at the speed of business, there’s rarely a convenient time to deploy new technologies or upgrade existing systems. No one wants to deal with the disruption even though the results can take an operation to a whole new level. All things considered, here are the components of a prime opportunity that limits hassles and makes the most sense for your goals.

After You’ve Given It Serious Thought

Businesses of all sizes in Kansas City trust Commenco to design, deploy and install wireless systems ranging from two-way radios and WiFi to surveillance cameras, access control, barcode scanners — the list goes on and on. However, one size does not fit all. Just about every project requires a custom approach closely tied to specific needs.

We rely on collaboration with our customers to determine important factors that will directly impact the way we put their wireless systems together. A big part of that collaboration happens up front when we put our heads together with a customer to carefully evaluate how a new wireless system fits the purpose of their business. We also focus on clearly defining what they want it to achieve.

Smart businesses take the responsibility seriously and work closely with us to give their project a strategic advantage right from the start. They think about their current processes and future plans to help us select all the right hardware, design the system for particular results, and optimize specific features to match their needs. Customers who embrace their role during the planning stage are always well positioned to maximize the return on their technology investment.

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During Construction or Remodeling

Wireless technologies take up some physical space inside a business and depend on other space throughout the business. Hardware must be installed and clear paths for signals must be established despite building materials, objects and other physical realities. The best time to figure out the best way to integrate a new system is during the construction of a new facility or during a remodeling project.

Commenco technicians brought into the early stages of construction have more options to make better design decisions and give valuable input that saves time and money. It puts us in a strong position to prepare a system for specific environmental conditions and anticipated human activity. Our involvement during construction also allows us fast and easy access to walls, ceilings and other structural components that are much harder to navigate after construction is complete.

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While planning and deploying a wireless system after construction is always an option, the work can take longer, cost more, and temporarily sideline your people or slow productivity in other ways. Planning for future upgrades and system expansion can also be harder and more expensive.

Before You’re Tempted To Do It Yourself

Managers of smaller businesses may be inclined to consider deploying a wireless system without professional help. If that idea seems tempting, be aware that we are routinely called to replace DIY systems for all kinds of reasons ranging from poor performance to profound and unexpected functional limitations. There’s no denying that the most expensive technology deployments are those that have to be done twice.

Professional service delivers installation benefits you may not even know you need. Far beyond stringing together hardware and powering everything up, Commenco technicians conduct substantial testing to ensure all components are working properly on a precise technical level according to manufacturer specifications. We also take care of frequency coordination, licensing and other documentation that keeps our customers out of trouble with the FCC and other businesses using wireless frequencies.

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DIY efforts are also short-sighted in terms of the bigger picture of system responsibility. Wireless technology requires much more than installation. It needs ongoing support and maintenance. Systems get dirty, parts eventually fail and timely upgrades are essential for smooth operation. A disciplined commitment to routine service is the best way to limit disruptions and repair expenses. Most businesses are not inclined to stay on top of the responsibility and even more simply choose to outsource it because they want to stay focused on their core work.

Sooner Than Later

If you’re in an especially competitive industry like manufacturing or logistics, time is definitely not on your side. Extraordinary speed and efficiency pressures now defining successful warehouse and distribution operations do not allow for the luxury of waiting. Even a massive technology overhaul that disrupts your operation is better done sooner or later. The project will not get easier the longer you wait, and if your ability to compete depends on it, you run the risk of running out of time and finding your business out of the game.

Wireless technology systems are playing an increasingly important role in facilities across Greater Kansas City. Bringing a new system online can bring inconvenience, but the price of progress is only temporary. And the results will more than compensate for the hassle and drive long-term success that’s much more valuable.


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