Technology Partnerships Help Missouri Cannabis Retail Grow

Technology Partnerships Help Missouri Cannabis Retail Grow

Key Points:

  • Partnering with the right technology firm helps ensure regulatory compliance
  • Expert maintenance means fewer hassles, less downtime, and a stronger ROI
  • Planning the future with a professional sharpens efficiencies and optimizes growth

You passed State inspections, your grand opening has come and gone, and your cannabis retail business is on a roll within Missouri’s fledgling industry. Now it’s time to plan for long-term stability and success. Here’s why you should be thinking about a technology partnership.

Preventing a Compliance Crisis.

You’re already aware of the very rigid technology requirements that come with doing business in one of Missouri’s most highly regulated industries. You’ve got access control and surveillance nailed down, and you’ve checked all the other boxes to satisfy regulators. Cameras, lighting, locks, data storage, and the rest of the mandatory technology package is in place. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of thing you can set and forget.

All technology breaks down at some point, regardless of brand or sophistication. What’s your plan for rolling with the punches? Tech issues always come at the worst times, and Missouri regulators are warning they’ll have little patience with the unprepared. Your license is on the line and time is not on your side when something goes wrong. The State requires repair of key system malfunctions within three days, and in some cases, you’ll also need to notify law enforcement within 24 hours.

A slow response to a malfunctioning surveillance camera is not acceptable to State regulators.

If you’re relying on a do-it-yourself approach involving consumer systems, you may not even be aware of a problem until regulators point it out. Low-end technology bought off the shelf at a big box electronics store won’t give you much of a heads-up, let alone a head start when the compliance violation clock starts ticking.

Professional installed commercial-grade systems are a smarter option. They will likely include real-time alerts to put you in a proactive position to jump on solutions. But without a technology partner who understands what’s going on, and can quickly get to the bottom of it, you’re on your own to troubleshoot. 

Have you gone through your first surprise State inspection yet? It’s not a good time to find out something’s not working right, and the devil may lurk in the details, too. For example, you’re expected to keep recorded surveillance and access data for a full year to enable reviews of specific times and dates if regulators have security concerns. Data gaps resulting from undetected software or hardware glitches could put your license in jeopardy. A technology partner who knows exactly how to properly configure systems and guard against common issues will lower your risk.

monitoring surveillance video feeds for court
On-demand review of recorded data must be possible at all times.

Operating Without Interruption.

Maintenance is a part of life when you’re dealing with technology systems. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Surveillance cameras, wireless networks, access control — all of it requires support, upgrades, and even cleaning. Ignore maintenance and you’ll risk painful frustration and sudden, unnecessary failures that slow your business down.

When a system gets glitchy or goes offline altogether, you have no choice but to push it to the top of your priority list and divide your attention to tackle it. Troubleshooting is not something you plan for, and may not be something you know much about. Commercial systems that are well maintained by a knowledgeable technology partner are far less likely to break down, and if they do, peace of mind is knowing expert help is on the way.

If you’ve gone the less expensive, off-the-shelf technology route, you could wind up burning excessive time and money keeping it patched together. Consumer grade surveillance cameras and other hardware are not designed for the relentless demands of business. You can count on failures, and probably much sooner than you expect. And if the proprietary software inside your consumer hardware is the problem, troubleshooting will quickly get complicated. If your strategy is to just buy new hardware as needed when equipment breaks, be prepared for costs to pile up.

Regular, professional maintenance of well designed commercial systems isn’t just a necessary evil. It ensures your systems are optimized for the work they’re expected to do and earns a stronger return on your technology investment. Firmware updates get installed in a timely manner, new features and functions can be configured as they become available, and your technology partner can alert you to the emerging need for replacement parts before crisis strikes. Maintenance also ensures that even your backup batteries stay in good working order to keep your systems operating and regulators off your back during power outages.

Maintenance keeps systems running and reduces downtime.

Retailers within the cannabis industry and others are typically much more interested in turning over troubleshooting and maintenance responsibilities to an expert partner so that they can stick to running their core businesses without distraction.

Charting Efficient, Smart Growth.

You got into Missouri’s cannabis industry because the potential is nothing short of enormous. Building your success will inevitably mean adding equipment, upgrading systems, and optimizing your overall technology investment. A partner familiar with Missouri’s cannabis regulations and experienced in technology solutions — not just selling equipment — can make a valuable difference every step of the way.

Beyond satisfying State security requirements, the right partner will guide you in the development of systems that help grow your retail operation and make it more efficient, productive and flexible. You’ll thrive on doing more with less. And you’ll welcome the confidence that comes with knowing you’re deploying solid solutions without spending too much or wasting money on cheap fixes that disappoint.

Technology systems can unlock exciting possibilities. Deploying tools for smarter inventory control, production processes, and customer flows through your retail space can take your work to new levels. Partnering with a commercial technology firm is the key to doing all of it right, and wiring your business for success both today and tomorrow.