Supercharge Your Two-Way Radios With Text Messaging

When Texting is Best

You manage a large commercial property and there’s a leak in one of the buildings but you don’t want everyone around you to hear the details when you share the problem with the main office. This is a job for a text messaging app!

MOTOTRBO’s advanced digital technology supports data applications, including Text Messaging Services, which enables text-format communication between radios and dispatch systems, between radios and email-addressable devices, and to remote PC clients attached to radios.

These text messaging apps are the perfect way to communicate discreetly when voice communication would be disruptive. Whether you manage office buildings, hotels, hospitals, or warehouses, discrete communication is critical to maintaining customer privacy… AND customer loyalty.

Text messaging apps help employees by giving them a way to communicate privately with one another without disturbing the atmosphere. They also reduce the amount of time spent communicating about tasks because there’s not much opportunity for small talk. Believe it or not, MOTOTRBO texting apps can be wonderful for productivity!

In supply chain operations, text messaging prevents employees from having to go back to their desks to use their computers to check inventory or incoming and outgoing shipments. They can receive instant notifications through text messages and increase the speed of operations.

End Distractions

With text messaging apps, you can safely communicate with employees on the road without distracting the driver. They are also useful when construction crews are working up high restoring power after a storm, or underground fixing a water main break. It’s much safer to text someone who’s working in a manhole than it is to interrupt them to have a voice conversation.

MOTOTRBO text messaging apps come with word correction and completion, a dictionary, smart punctuation, number lock, sentence capitalization, caps lock, and more.

Please contact a Commenco sales representative to learn more about MOTOTRBO text messaging and data apps for MOTOTRBO radios.


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