Experience the Radio Network of the future

While many companies are anticipating the new 5G network rollout, the FCC has quietly approved the use of a new 3.5 GHz band that could have a much more immediate impact on wireless broadband access for businesses. It’s called the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and it will be available in Kansas City in the next few months.

CBRS was once a protected broadband network only available to the U.S. Department of Defense, and after years of technical and legal work, the FCC has finally developed a 5G-specific sharing standard that allows the DOD to share the 3.5GHz network with commercial businesses across the country. 

What does CBRS availability mean for your company?

CBRS will be a game-changer because until now, there hasn’t been a publicly available broadband network for use by private businesses. Wi-Fi has come a long way but it’s not designed for complex commercial operations. 

CBRS can handle almost four times the bandwidth of conventional wi-fi with fewer access points needed to cover the same space. That means your company has comprehensive on-site coverage across every corner of your facility, without worrying about losing a signal. 

Motorola Nitro CBRS broadband wi-fi kansas city

Accessing the CBRS Spectrum

The FCC has designed a three-tiered CBRS spectrum sharing framework to ensure a successful rollout for commercial businesses. It will be marketed under the trade name “OnGo.” The three-tiered framework will be managed through a Spectrum Access System (SAS) in order to protect higher-tier users from interference from lower tier users.

CBRS wi-fi tiers

TIER ONE: Incumbent Access Only. This tier is specifically allocated to the Department of Defense and U.S. Naval Radar, who will receive permanent priority and site-specific protection. 

TIER TWO: Priority Access. This tier is available to organizations that pay a fee for a Priority Access License (PAL). These licenses will enable private LTE broadband for commercial enterprises, allowing better coverage and capacity.

TIER THREE: General Authorized Access (GAA). This tier covers the remainder of the spectrum and is available for general public use. 

How to get your company set up on the CBRS Spectrum

Setting your company up on the CBRS spectrum involves obtaining FCC-licensed equipment. If you don’t want to go it alone (we don’t recommend it!), Commenco can help you access the spectrum by obtaining, installing and maintaining the FCC-licensed equipment on your behalf. CBRS equipment must be installed by “OnGo” certified technicians, of which Commenco has two on staff with more to follow very soon.

One of the biggest barriers to a commercial CBRS rollout is the availability of mobile devices that are compatible with the spectrum. The majority of LTE devices on the market today are not designed to support CBRS frequencies, however, Motorola Solutions just introduced the new SLN 1000 radio, which is the first two-way radio device to market that works with the CBRS network. 

SLN-1000-Motorola-Solutions-Nitro-wi-fi device

In fact, the entire MOTOTRBO® Nitro™ platform offers a complete end to end CBRS solution with devices, infrastructure and network management. With the Nitro™ system, you do not purchase equipment outright. You pay a monthly subscription fee per device, which means your company has a private data network without the cost of a large equipment purchase… and without the reliance on a wireless carrier. 

Your team can talk freely across coverage zones without losing a connection, whether they’re on the ground or in an elevator. 

And Nitro™ is in the cloud, so there’s barely any setup, management or space required. The hardware is ready to go… all you need is power and an internet connection. 

You also get the MOTOTRBO® Nitro™ portal, a cloud-based tool that lets you make changes from anywhere, run network diagnostics, set up new talk groups, add users, identify and manage issues, and push out updates to all devices in minutes. 

wi-fi cloud-portal-motorola-broadband-kansas-city-1

Experience a fully connected wifi/broadband facility on the CBRS spectrum with the first end-to-end managed platform. The MOTOTRBO® Nitro™ platform has all the performance and none of the hassles. 

Radio has certainly come a long way!