Commenco is not tied to any specific manufacturers so if you don’t see what you need, please let us know and we’ll do our best to find you a solution, regardless of the brand.

Access Control

Monitor the movements of people in, out, and around your facility with Access Control management.

Applications & Software

Work smarter with applications and software built to enhance the capabilities of your equipment.

Emergency Alerts & Panic Buttons

Notify on-site officials and emergency responders in an instant using your existing radios and the fastest emergency alert system on the market.

Fire Code Equipment (ERRC)

When emergency responders enter a building, they’re relying on ERRC to communicate with each other, and with outside dispatchers. Is yours up to date?

Inventory Tracking Equipment

Radio Frequency Identification  systems (RFID), barcode scanners, mobile computers & rugged tablets, industrial printers, labels, and supplies.

Surveillance Equipment & Analytics Software

Network surveillance cameras with data analytics for 24/7 monitoring & recording. Runs over existing infrastructure.

Two-Way Radios

Push a button and instantly be connected. Our enterprise two-way radios are built for reliability so your voice is always heard.

Radio Rentals

Commenco has one of the largest radio rental inventories in the country. Short and long term contracts, including multi-year contracts, are available.

Private LTE Networks

Private LTE wireless networks can handle 4x the bandwidth of wifi with fewer access points needed to cover the same space,

Connect Plus Wireless Network

Connect multiple people to multiple locations with wide area voice and data coverage in Kansas, Missouri, and parts of Nebraska and Iowa.

Security Design Planning

We help facilities meet security objectives by providing guidance and strategy in surveillance, fire code, and wireless equipment placement.

Security Equipment & Public Safety

Body and vehicle-mounted cameras, dispatch equipment, mission critical radios, and code enforcement technology.