Software companies and hardware companies have many of the same customers and can do better work together in a partnership that reduces risks and ensures quality.

Our software partners enjoy valuable benefits including commission. If you’re a software company interested in partnering, the right process can bring the best results. Consider this general guide for engaging a new hardware partner to help deliver a positive experience to a new customer.


Explore your potential for a sale with your prospect.

  • Engage your prospect and demo your product
  • Evaluate their needs to determine how your software can help


Talk software numbers.

  • Discuss your prospect’s budget factors and software pricing factors


Engage Commenco for a hardware recommendation.

  • Commenco will provide an approximation of appropriate hardware and pricing
  • Commenco may also conduct a site survey to further evaluate wired/wireless infrastructure needs
  • If a site survey is applicable, Commenco will provide a Predictive Site Survey Report for you to deliver to your customer at no charge


Validate software compatibility with the hardware and infrastructure recommendation.

  • Work through any technical issues to ensure a strong, comprehensive solution that accounts for software, hardware, and infrastructure.


Formalize your recommendation and deliver it to your customer.

  • Commenco will provide a document detailing the hardware recommendation and certification of software compatibility, including pricing and any volume discounts
  • Upon completion of the sale, Commenco will then configure all hardware as certified


Implement your software solution and connect to hardware and infrastructure.


Train your customer’s employees on the new software system.

Timing is everything! Don’t wait too long to engage a hardware partner. Waiting can put smooth and successful software implementation at serious risk.

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