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SOFTWARE SALES GUIDE: 6 Steps to Selling With A Hardware Partner

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SOFTWARE SALES GUIDE: 6 Steps to Selling With A Hardware Partner

If your software company is interested in working with a hardware company like Commenco, these six sales steps can help guide your success.

STEP 1: Explore The Sales Opportunity

What problem does your software solve for your customers? Can you help them visualize how it would work in their environment?

When you show prospects your software, what questions do they have about it? Do they ask if you offer package deals with hardware? Listening to diagnose and then solve their specific problem will help you narrow down the types of solutions you offer.

STEP 2: Don’t Be Afraid To Talk Numbers

Are you talking with the person who will be making the buying decision?

What is their budget for new software? How much will it cost them if they do NOT implement new software? Have they thought about the cost of hardware to go with the software? Would they prefer it come as a package deal?

If possible, don’t quote prices without first obtaining a quote for hardware to match so you can offer a complete package!

STEP 3: Ask Commenco for a hardware recommendation

Combining the latest software with the most dependable hardware brings clients the best solution every time. Since software companies and hardware companies have many of the same customers, it make sense to work together to solve customer problems.

Commenco will research the most appropriate hardware and pricing options for your customer’s situation. We may also conduct a site survey to further evaluate wired/wireless infrastructure needs. If a site survey is applicable, we will provide a Predictive Site Survey Report free of charge for you to deliver to your customer.

STEP 4: Validate Software Compatibility

Does Commenco’s hardware recommendation do what we said it would do for your customer? Are there any technical issues that need to be dealt with before it can be handed off to your customer?

Your customers trust you so we want to make sure your software works perfectly with our hardware so you can maintain good customer relationships.

STEP 5: Deliver recommended hardware/software package to your customer

Commenco provides a detailed document outlining our hardware recommendation, certification of software compatibility, and pricing and volume discounts. Upon completion of the sale, Commenco will configure the hardware as agreed upon.

STEP 6: Train Your Customer’s Employees

Don’t leave your customer hanging after the sale! Waiting too long to make sure all employees know how to use new software can turn an otherwise smooth transition into a nightmare.

Commenco will make sure you understand exactly how our hardware works with your software so you can best explain everything to your customer. Remember, we’re partners, not competitors, so the sale of your software and how well it works with our hardware is critical to everyone’s success.