Software Partner Program

What’s inside our hardware matters.

Commenco partners with reputable software companies and independent developers to offer customers a total package.

Your Software – Our Hardware

Our mobile computers are rugged, secure and offer the most comprehensive voice and data features. Choose from hardware that’s small and pocketable or built for large enterprise operations.


Handheld Scanners & Printers

Whether you need barcode scanners for your POS software or you have software that tracks warehouse inventory, we’ll help you design an equipment solution so your customer can have a complete package. Zebra printers, labels and supplies may also be included in package deals.

RFID Equipment

Our portfolio of RFID equipment includes handheld, fixed, sleds and combination handheld and hands-free readers. They can be ready for deployment with your solution in a short amount of time.


Workers want bigger screens so they can see more data. Their tools need to be extremely rugged—from the inside out.

Choose the level of durability, display size, operating system, processing power and accessories that best solve your customers’ needs.

Connect Hardware, Software, Supplies & Service

Partners, Not Competitors.

The sale of your software remains paramount in anything we bring to the table. We will always go through you when we’re taking care of your customers.


Guaranteed Compatibility

We’ll make sure your software works with our hardware so your customers won’t have any problems when the equipment arrives.

Maintenance and Support

We don’t disappear after installation! Ongoing maintenance and support is part of our promise. Our relationships with our hardware manufacturers can help streamline troubleshooting, too.


Earn A Commission

Commission levels increase based on lifetime gross sales, not annual gross sales, and we give you project numbers to verify your commission.

We Want to Help You Sell Software!

6 Steps to More Software Sales