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Partnering with Commenco means leveraging our over 70 years of technology experience. We specialize in the latest rugged mobile devices, wireless infrastructure, barcoding and RFID technologies, radio communications, installation, maintenance and support, and much more. We want to be your technology partner!

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Partners, Not Competitors

Maintaining good customer relationships is paramount to your business. Commenco understands this and partnering with us is the best way to ensure that they remain that way. We design partnerships that make it easy for your customers and prospects to get the technology they need, while at the same time adhering to the requirements you’ve defined for your solutions. And having a trusted technology partner means that you keep competition from unknown vendors out of your sales process and ongoing customer relationships.

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Guaranteed Compatibility

Commenco provides the latest devices to our partners so they can certify compatibility with their solutions. We then will only sell devices and technology that you’ve certified. This process eliminates implementations that are derailed by incompatibility between hardware and software, prevents costly delays, and makes for smooth implementations. As new technology is released, we do the upfront vetting and present them to you for approval and certification before ever promoting them to your customers or prospects.

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Maintenance and Support

Commenco is there to support you and your customers before, during, and after implementation. We leverage internal resources as well as our strong manufacturer  relationships to ensure that your customers get the help they need to solve the most demanding challenges that threaten their operations.This provides our partners with peace of mind and allows them to focus on their core business offerings.

Earn A Commission

Commissions paid to partners are based on gross sales volume and provide our partners with a way to increase revenue without adding responsibility that’s outside their core business offerings. Compensation percentages grow as overall sales volume increases for the lifetime of our partnership together.

Implementation doesn't need to be difficult. See how with our partnership relationship guide.

Software needs care and support and Mike is just the guy to provide the nurturing that you need. Find out more by downloading the guide today!

Cadre Technologies + Commenco

Cadre Technologies has established a successful record of happy customers using their software solutions. Understanding what they do well and when to outsource is a key component of Cadre’s success.

Commenco’s Business Technology Solutions division has years of expertise in both hardware and software and is well-versed in how to assist partners and their customers throughout the implementation process.

This case study, which features Cadre Technologies, is a perfect illustration of the advantages that result from a partnership with Commenco.

"It's not an average client/provider relationship.

It's a true partnership."

Daryl Grove, President of Cadre Technologies

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