Hardware + Software Integration

The Complete Solution

Commenco partners with reputable software companies and developers to customize and embed applications, intelligence, and utilities into our hardware.

If you don’t see the type of software you need, please let us know and we’ll either find it, or custom build it for you.


Radio System Apps

  • Custom CRM
  • GPS mapping
  • Infrastructure Controls
  • Remote Controls
  • Subscriber Access Control
  • Text Messaging & Email
  • Work Ticket Management

Voice Dispatch

  • Call Logging
  • Multiple Talk Groups
  • Remote VOIP
  • Telephone Interconnect
  • Voice Recording
  • Wireless Dispatch
  • Wireline Dispatch

Notifications & Alerts

  • Access Alarms
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Lone Worker / Man Down
  • Mass Notifications
  • Paging (Call Alert)
  • Security Alerts
  • Temperature Changes


  • Custom Report Generation
  • Diagnostics
  • Real-Time System Traffic
  • IP Network & Connectivity
  • Statistical Analysis

Warehouse Management

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Open Issue Tracking
  • Quality Control
  • Service Orders
  • Workflow Automation

Fleet Management

  • Data Analytics & Insight
  • Delivery Status
  • GPS Tracking
  • Identify Dangerous Driving
  • Uncover Hidden Costs

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*Our coverage map is not a guarantee of coverage or service availability in your area and it’s subject to change without notice. The map is a general prediction of where service applies based on our internal data. Network changes, unexpected traffic volume, outages, technical limitations, customer equipment, obstructions, weather or other conditions may interfere with service quality, availability, and may result in areas of no service.