One Total System Management Source is Less Worry for You

Managing the antenna sites that serve all wireless communications service providers requires a company with the highest level of expertise. In the Kansas City metropolitan area, that’s Commenco. From wireless Internet and local multi-point distribution service to wireless communications equipment, Commenco is your source for total system management.

Commenco handles:

  • Technical engineering
  • On-site maintenance
  • Quality, safety, and regulatory compliance
Have different sites with different needs? Not a problem.

We know not every site is the same and each one could require different services at different intervals, whether planned or emergency. We customize management contracts on a site-by-site basis and offer discounts if you have multiple sites under our management.

Commenco tailors every management agreement around:

  • Your site environment
  • Site inventory/major sites
  • R56 standards compliance
  • The type of support you need
  • The level of technical management you require
  • Equipment storage and semiannual inventory protocols
Commenco is in the area anyway…

Our teams spend a lot of their time on all of the area’s major communications sites. Since Commenco is usually in your area, we’re able to offer a cost-effective and convenient way for site owners to receive important equipment maintenance.

Let us customize a system management program just for you.

Contact a system management specialist now for more information.

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