Installation Services From the Simplest Facility Layouts to the Most Complex

Nothing affects your systems’ performance—and ultimately your satisfaction with them—like the installation.

A lot of planning and forethought goes into installation. Your goals, needs, organizational structure, building structure, materials, and much more are evaluated to ensure everything works the way it should from the start.

Commenco handles all mobile and fixed equipment installations, including towers and antennas for our local customers. Our installation team is experienced with every imaginable one-way and two-way wireless installations ranging from simple dash-mounted mobile installations to the most complex mobile data, paging, trunked networks, PCS, and digitally encrypted systems.

We’ve even done installations for 911 call centers and jail facilities.

Commenco’s quality of service, in partnership with Plant*CML, was a decisive factor when the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) chose Commenco to supply, install, and maintain its new 911 system, which covers the seven counties of the MARC region. Commenco now maintains this 911 equipment at over 45 public safety dispatch centers 24/7/365. This system has now been expanded to include two routers of wireless 911 calls that Commenco sold, installed, and maintained. These are the first 911 routers in the United States to be owned and operated by an entity that is not a telephone company.

Jackson County Department of Corrections (JCDOC) couldn’t connect the entire facility with its WLAN, and radio communication was spotty due structural materials. Commenco installed a new system that increased officer and inmate safety and allows the staff to communicate no matter where they are throughout the facility. Read more in the case study here.

Trust your installation to Commenco. Contact an installation expert.

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