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Rolling Out New Tech? Outsource Deployment! Here’s Why.


Rolling Out New Tech? Outsource Deployment! Here’s Why.

The deployment of new technology can be a big step forward but a DIY approach can quickly create disruption that undercuts your investment. You might think you’ve got enough know-how inside your own walls to do the job and save some money, but look closer and you’ll find it’s easy to waste more than you save. Here’s why relying on in-house staff to deploy new technology isn’t always the best way to go. 

Expertise = Efficiency

Even if you have tech-savvy people on staff, they may not know the complexities and idiosyncrasies of specialized technologies. The way systems work and their documentation requirements can be as different as night and day. Technologies may share common ground, but each is designed for a different purpose that requires unique expertise. 

Does it matter? Consider the risk of mistakes. A specialized technician is less likely to make them, ensuring the quality of deployment and installation right from the start. In contrast, an in-house staffer may be working with the technology for the first time, raising the need for extensive experimentation, troubleshooting and trial and error. Even then, there may be mistakes or other challenges that simply can’t be overcome. 

And how can you be sure you’re fully optimizing your new technology? Deployment is a key opportunity to get everything set up and running exactly as it should, including the full array of features and functions that your new tech is designed to deliver. A specialized technician will check every box possible and look for additional opportunities while a tech generalist on your staff may only be able to get a system’s core components operating.

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A specialized technician will also jump right in with the kind of confidence needed to minimize deployment and installation time, and get you up and running faster. An in-house staffer will be more hesitant and tentative as they wade into the intricacies of new tech for the first time. The result is a process that slows everything way down, even if it does eventually work. Can your business afford to wait?

Disruption Takes Two Steps Back.

Is your team already overstretched? Adding new technology deployment to their already full plates may come at the cost of another area of your operation. Reshuffling processes, even temporarily, can throw off productivity and dilute your team’s focus. 

When your deployment person stops to figure out new technology, their other responsibilities will slide or other staffers will shift their own schedules to compensate. Workers suddenly taking on additional responsibilities and covering different roles may find themselves more worried about just getting the job done rather than doing it well. 

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Staff members who already face a heavy workload on top of being assigned unfamiliar tech deployment responsibilities often grow frustrated and end up unhappy. Is deploying new technology in-house worth the risk of driving valuable employees away? An unhappy team can add up to a much bigger expense than the cost of outsourcing deployment.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

Let’s say your in-house staff manages to get your new technology up and running. What’s your plan for maintenance and ongoing support? Will your team stay up to date on all the latest specifications and changes required to keep the new system free of bugs? What about software upgrades and replacing parts? If you think maintenance is more of an added luxury than a system necessity, think again.

Commercial technology is a long-term investment and all technologies require support. ‘Set it and forget it’ does not apply to equipment and systems that work round the clock on the front lines of business. Components get old, break and require routine inspection and cleaning. Unless your staff takes time to develop a process for routine maintenance, it’s only a matter of time before a crisis takes your system down.

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Troubleshooting a crisis demands even more time and resources and can trigger wasteful ripple effects across the rest of your operations. You don’t want to be in a situation, even for a day, where your team is more focused on fixing technology and compensating for the disruption than producing for customers. It’s a perfect storm of distraction that far outweighs the cost of outsourcing.

Commenco Deployment and Installation Services

It’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tech partner is always looking out for your best interests. Commenco technicians are highly-trained and specialized in working with all types of old, new, and emerging technologies.

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 Installer Andrew Danielsen is among Commenco’s highly trained professionals.

We are a local single-source solution for the procurement, integration, and support of wireless systems and related technologies and since we’re not tied to any single manufacturer, we can deploy and service all types of equipment, regardless of where you bought it.

Before you saddle your team with the burden of rolling out new technology, consider bringing our team in to make sure the job is done right. We manage the entire deployment process to reduce the time it takes for your team to effectively use the system.

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