New surveillance system makes a life-saving difference in healthcare settings.

Ask anyone who works in a hospital emergency room about the risk of violence and they’ll tell you it’s real. Emergency rooms are already difficult environments for medical professionals purely because of the high-pressure work they do. But these days, there’s an added layer of danger. Response Technologies representative Brent Jones says that’s why demand for advanced security systems is growing.

“In our experience, emergency room teams face particular challenges. They can see patients who are dangerous criminals or followed by dangerous people from crime scenes. Sometimes there are extreme reactions to bad medical news. Family conflicts can erupt. People even get really angry about billing.”

Many hospitals hire private security guards to continually walk the premises, but guards can’t be everywhere all of the time, especially in large campus settings. That’s where Commenco’s partnership with Response Technologies can make a critical difference.

A Solution to Save Time and Lives.

A slow response to an isolated, violent outburst or a more significant active shooter situation can cost lives. When people are scrambling to protect themselves and dodge danger, the flow of reliable information to security personnel can suffer.

Security guards with only a vague understanding of what’s going on are not in a position to respond effectively with confidence. Meanwhile, the danger for everyone involved can get worse and take longer to stop.

Prioritizing and streamlining emergency communications is at the heart of the solution powered by Commenco and Response Technologies. It delivers clear, useful notifications quickly, despite the chaos surrounding a violent emergency.

Managing Director Gary Quint says Commenco’s expert knowledge of radio technology combined with the new Centurion Elite® Notification system from Response Technologies, gives hospital security staff what they need to do their jobs well when it really counts.

“Hospital security guards can now receive accurate information and respond quickly, thanks to the way this security system takes full advantage of the speed of radio transmissions.”

Smart Detection and Fast Notification

Hospital campuses and their satellite locations can stretch out over miles. Centurion Elite bridges the distance with customized sensors carefully coordinated to work together across buildings of all kinds.

Every part of a hospital complex can be equipped with sensors from emergency rooms to specialty clinics and administrative offices.

Sensors can take many forms including wired and wireless panic buttons, and door lock hardware. They can communicate with surveillance cameras and other equipment that’s already in use. Jones says they can even detect a gunshot with safeguards to prevent mistaking it for something similar, like a door slamming.

“Through two-factor authentication built into the gunshot sensor, we have the ability to verify an actual shooting has occurred before triggering an emergency response.”

High-tech detection is just the beginning of what makes the system extraordinary. Sensors send notifications right away without the need for additional steps required by phone and computer apps, relay systems or third-party monitoring teams. Notifications go straight to radios in the hands of security staff and local law enforcement if applicable. Quint says only radios deliver the kind of speed emergency responders need to get to the scene early.

“Notifications sent to radios take less than a second to arrive. Response times are critical in violent situations and radios are the only way to go.”

Accurate and useful content is the other key component of notifications that enable effective emergency response. Jones says it immediately puts responders on the right track.

“If, for example, security guards know the crisis is happening in a specific room in the hospital, they can go directly to the scene without delay. If the notification is sent to local police, officers can get moving even before 911 calls start coming in.”

Flexibility and Easy Integration

Hospitals are early adopters of Centurion Elite and interest is spreading to other healthcare facilities. The ability to customize the system for a variety of uses makes it even more appealing.

Certain medicines, for example, must be refrigerated and sensors can alert staff to temperature changes before the medicine is ruined.

While Centurion Elite is state-of-the-art, it’s more affordable than implementing an entirely new alarm system. It’s scalable to particular needs and environments, and integrates seamlessly with existing information technology systems.

Centurion Elite has already been honored with a Campus Safety Best Award, recognizing its value as an exceptional security, law enforcement, emergency management, and safety solution for healthcare organizations.

Please contact a Commenco sales representative for more information about how Centurion Elite can protect your healthcare facility.