Say Hello to Your New Security Guard!

Can a network surveillance system keep your people and assets secure?

Network video surveillance cameras protect people, property, and buildings by allowing you to be virtually everywhere, seeing everything at once. Cameras are on the job 24 hours a day, watching and recording all activity as it takes place.

Commenco offers a variety of network surveillance equipment and video recording solutions suitable for almost any environment through our surveillance partners. There’s no new technology to adopt because we can run a network surveillance platform over your existing infrastructure. That means you can have monitoring and automatic security set up without the additional cost of new infrastructure to support it!

Surveillance Partners


Axis Communications

Response Technologies

Single Location Surveillance
  • Medium-sized systems with huge capabilities
  • Surveillance system runs over existing networks
  • Video is stored in the camera and the cloud
  • Automated security alerts
  • Perfect for schools, retail, manufacturing, construction, and warehouses
Multiple Property Surveillance
  • Hundreds or thousands of cameras can operate over extended networks
  • Fully integrates with even the most complex systems
  • Perfect for municipalities, utilities, and public safety organizations

Whether you need hundreds of cameras to cover your city or only a few to keep an eye on operations, Commenco will work with you to customize a surveillance solution that works best for your organization.

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