Your Business Is No Place for Games

Your business doesn’t need employees posting on social media or sharing game coins. What you do need are serious business applications that increase productivity and profits.

MOTOTRBO™ applications are serious business tools for people serious about business.


Provides the ability to track people, vehicles, or business assets, and report accountability information.

  • GPS tracking and reporting
  • Status/telemetry monitoring
  • Text/e-mail Tx/Rx

Looking for command and control to mobilize your teams and reduce response time? MOTOTRBO lets you extend functionality and access to radio functions via an IP connection, allowing users to maintain connectivity from remote locations.

  • VoIP, text, and telemetry Tx/Rx
  • Radio signaling (check, disable/enable, monitor, call alert)
  • Monitor multiple talkgroups simultaneously
  • Cross-patch
  • Voice logging and reporting

Customer satisfaction is an important driver for success in hospitality markets. CRM applications provide the ability to expedite response and resolve customer issues, enhance efficiency of personnel responding to requests, generate reports to measure CRM and review operations, work flows, processes, and track open issues.

  • Work flow automation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Service order dispatching

Network monitoring maximizes system usage for improved usage and connectivity.

  • Real-time MOTOTRBO system traffic, IP network, and connectivity monitoring
  • Radio infrastructure controls, diagnostics, and alarms
  • Logging and reporting
  • Subscriber access control
  • Statistical analysis and custom report generation

Automate communication for seamless service and quicker response times.

  • Work flow automation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Service order dispatch

MOTOTRBO radios with data applications can enhance safety and situational awareness.

  • Alarm control
  • Facility alarm dispatch

MOTOTRBO Apps can help increase personnel security and accountability when using our digital two-way radios.

  • Personal accountability timer
  • Indoor Bluetooth® positioning
  • Indoor tracking beacons

With MOTOTRBO radios, you can bridge the RF environment with the IP world to provide the ability to talk between LAN/WAN networks and radio networks. Send and receive text messages and e-mail directly on your MOTOTRBO radio.

  • Send and receive radio text and e-mail
  • Enable work order management applications

With MOTOTRBO apps, you can extend the reach of MOTOTRBO two-way communications to other technologies.

  • Cross-connect analog and digital, conventional, and trunked systems
  • Telephone interconnect: PBX, PSTN, iDEN, cellular
  • Cross-connect radio to WiFi/WAN mobile computing
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Log voice calls for security and verification
  • Use the expansion card to add capability to MOTOTRBO for man-down and analog encryption