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Motorola MIP 5000 VoIP Radio Console

You can now reach all of your field personnel regardless of whether they use MOTOTRBO™, ASTRO® 25 or a conventional radio system from the MIP 5000 VoIP Radio Console. No cable routing, no drilling and no leased lines, Motorola’s MIP 5000 VoIP radio console uses your multicast-enabled IP network, simplifying the installation to save time and money. You can implement it anywhere on your IP network: onsite, offsite or even wirelessly in a field dispatch facility.

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Motorola MC3000 Deskset Controller

When you need full- remote control over a variety of radio systems through a single deskset, choose the MC3000 Deskset Controller. This digital deskset can remotely control all radio functions and frequencies of the MCS2000® Model III or ASTRO® Digital Consolette. The MC3000 works in both conventional and trunked analog systems. Up to 31 of these units can be operated in parallel.

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Motorola MC2500 Deskset Controller

This small yet powerful mini-console allows remote access to the functions of up to four analog base stations, repeaters or control stations in a conventional system. The MC2500 is the next step up from the MC2000. With features like Stat-AlertTM, individual volume control and unselect speaker connector, the MC2500 is truly an advanced deskset. Up to 10 units can operate in parallel.

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Motorola MC1000 Deskset Controller

About the size of a telephone, the cost-effective MC1000 Deskset allows remote-control access to the basic functions of a single-base station, repeater or radio in a conventional system. This compact yet powerful deskset allows 10 units to operate in parallel and offers hands-free operation.

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Motorola GTR8000 Base Radio

Meet today’s demand for IP networks and narrow-band radio operations with the high performance GTR 8000 Base Radio / Expandable Site Subsystem. The GTR 8000 surpasses the bar previously set by QUANTAR™ offering software-based upgrades and migrations, no single point of failure, hot swap hardware, front access serviceability, and integrated battery charging. Its state of the art compact design enables everything from basic Analog Conventional to advanced P25 TDMA Trunking on the same hardware. The GTR 8000 ships tuned from the factory for quick and easy deployment.

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Motorola Assembled Trunking System (ATS)

To optimize the flow of transmissions, Motorola has developed state-of-the-art trunking technology. Motorola's Assembled Trunking System (ATS) helps your business to quickly and easily create a fully functioning, integrated two-way radio trunked network. An increasing number of forward-thinking businesses are utilizing the power of trunking for their two-way radio communication. Cost-effective and efficient, ATS uses LTR and PassPort, two trunking systems that deliver wide calling range, great privacy, and fast channel access to help workers connect without delays — as well as high user and talkgroup capacity to enhance system efficiency.

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Zebra FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader

The FX7500 comes in a sleek, attractive form factor with a low profile and compact footprint, at home in nearly any business environment. It also looks good on the balance sheet, with an impressive array of integrated features and functionality that pack value for your business class applications.

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TurboVUi Solo
Motorola Turbo VUi Solo by CITI Products
The TurboVUi Solo client presents a virtual radio on a PC’s desktop. With a PC or TurboVUi Solo ClientLaptop, and a network connection, group or private calls are as easy as making a selection from the subscriber list, then clicking the Push-to-Talk button. Use TurboVUi Solo client for simultaneous radio sharing instead of tone remotes; this simpler solution allows users of the shared radio to have push-to-talk and listen capabilities, as well as access to all other radio functions. TurboVUi Solo can also be used for situations when someone is outside of radio coverage, yet still needs to communicate on the radio system, such as: Supervisory remote monitoring of radio channels Underground or building facilities that prevent radio communications A home office that is beyond the coverage area of a radio system A temporary travel situation removing you from the coverage area. With TurboVUi Solo and an IP connection, users can stay in "radio" contact.
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Motorola Turbo VUi Pocket by CITI Products
TurboVUi Pocket allows remote access to your MOTOTRBO 2-way radio system from IP GatewayAndroid and iOS (iPhone and iPad) mobile devices. Group or private calls are as easy as making a selection from the subscriber list, and then clicking the Push-to-Talk button. A virtual radio display provides full remote control of the control station radio. Radio users can be located using Google Maps. TurboVUi Pocket is useful over cellular networks when you are on-the-go and outside the coverage of your radio system, yet still need radio communications. It can also be used within a Wi-Fi network to lower monthly cellular charges.
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TURBOVUi Dispatch
Motorola Turbo VUi Dispatch by CITI Products
The TurboVUi™ Dispatch system offers a console-type solution for applications requiring connection to many MOTOTRBO radios (control stations) from a single user interface. It is designed with an intuitive user interface to minimize learning time and maximize a User’s efficiency. TurboVUi™ Dispatch systems include TurboVUi IP Gateway Hardware, Dispatch Software, and one-time Licensing.
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