CBRS / Private LTE Wireless Networks

Experience the Radio Network of the future – Private LTE

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is a radio frequency reserved exclusively for the U.S. Department of Defense… until now.

The U.S. government is ready to issue private licenses and share CBRS frequencies with commercial users, which will give them the opportunity to create their own closed, private LTE wireless networks.

What does this mean for Kansas City companies?

The ability to have your own private LTE network is a game-changer because until now, there hasn’t been a publicly available broadband network for use by commercial companies. Wifi has come a long way but it’s not designed for commercial operations.

A private LTE network can handle almost four times the bandwidth of conventional wifi and fewer access points are needed to cover the same space.

Commenco is an authorized CBRS / Private LTE Network provider and we have dedicated FCC licensing experts on staff.

We can build your organization a carrier-grade wireless network and assist with FCC licensing to greatly reduce your risk of incurring a fine.


Radios Built for Private LTE Networks

Introducing the First Purpose Built Two-Way Radio – The SLN 1000

  • Specifically built for Private LTE Networks

  • Highly reliable broadband push-to-talk capabilities

  • High fidelity wideband audio

  • Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Continues to run after multiple drops on concrete

  • Simple management through a Cloud Portal

  • Interoperates with existing MOTOTRBO networks*

  • Up to 15 hours of battery life

  • Compatible with most TLK 100, MOTOTRBO SL300 and SL3500e accessories

Download SLN 1000 Spec Sheet

*Interoperation is exclusively available through MOTOTRBO’s Nitro network.

Want to find out if your organization can benefit from having a private LTE wireless network?