Private LTE Wireless

Designed with Machine Communications in Mind

Wifi has come a long way but it was never designed for today’s industrial operations who depend on the continuous flow of data to succeed.

A private LTE network runs on a licensed broadband radio frequency so there’s no interference or blocked wi-fi signals.

It can handle almost four times the bandwidth of conventional wi-fi networks with fewer access points needed to cover the same space.


Private companies can now purchase and manage their own LTE networks. The uninterrupted connection gives them a stable network to create and run proprietary business applications.

Commenco is an authorized Private LTE network provider and our team can design and deploy a carrier-grade private LTE network for your organization. We also coordinate and manage FCC licensing on your behalf.


Private LTE Users Depend on Data to Deliver

The demands on wireless networks in manufacturing and distribution facilities are extraordinary. Everything from hardware and inventory management systems to sensors and alarms constantly pulls data across the network.

The design, deployment, and maintenance of a Private LTE network requires specific knowledge and expertise. A successful rollout requires familiarity with the technologies and equipment used to build and maintain cellular networks.

Commenco has over six decades of experience in designing, deploying, and maintaining wireless technologies. which makes us especially qualified to deploy private LTE.

Private LTE Equipment

The SLN 1000 Two-Way Radio

Purpose-Built for Private LTE

  • Highly reliable push-to-talk voice/data capabilities

  • Up to 15 hours of battery life

  • Simple management through a Cloud Portal

  • Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Continues to work after multiple drops on concrete

  • Compatible with TLK 100, SL300, and SL3500e accessories

Download SLN 1000 Spec Sheet

Is Private LTE a good choice for your organization?