Commenco: Your One-Stop Communication Solutions Expert

Commenco is how business connects, from digital radio to enterprise WLAN and all devices and access points in between. We are Kansas City’s oldest and largest authorized Motorola digital radio sales and service facility, specializing in wireless voice and data capture networks, 9-1-1 equipment sales, installation and maintenance. With 24-hour support and maintenance for radio systems and dispatch centers, thousands of companies, public safety agencies and industrial facilities trust Commenco to keep them connected. And our true value comes from the knowledge we’ve gained from 65 years in the industry and our advocacy for putting the right solution in place for the right reasons.

Commenco—now more than ever

For companies under pressure to keep up with technology, use devices with poor performance, or want to improve their scalability, Commenco weeds out the solutions that do not fit your environment, budget, or needs. Our team ensures that what we implement meets your operational and efficiency goals.

Our customers benefit from having one trusted resource for everything from selection and implementation to service management and upgrades. They know we understand their industry, needs, and internal processes as if they are our own, and they rely on Commenco to align customized solutions and top products to their budgets and objectives.

Founded in 1951 and still leading the industry

Commenco was founded in 1951 and today employs nearly 50 people at our headquarters at 4901 Bristol Ave. in Kansas City, Missouri.

Our service center has a team of certified, factory-trained technicians who average over 15 years of experience in wireless communications. Commenco employs specialists in portable radios, mobile radios, pagers, closed-circuit camera equipment, computer networks, and broadband wireless applications.

An experienced, eight-man installation crew performs all mobile and fixed equipment installations, including towers and antennas. The installation team uses the latest test equipment, has access to our extensive inventory, and is ready for anything in vehicles equipped with all the necessary parts and test equipment.

Commenco is behind thousands of commercial and public safety communication systems

Commenco provides 24/7 support and maintenance for the radio systems and dispatch centers of thousands of commercial users, public safety agencies and industrial users of wireless equipment in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) chose Commenco to supply, install, and maintain their new 911 system covering the seven counties of the MARC region. Commenco’s quality of service, in partnership with Plant*CML (now Airbus DS Communications), was a decisive factor in MARC’s decision.

Commenco now maintains this 911 equipment located at over 45 public safety dispatch 24/7/365. This system has now been expanded to include two routers of wireless 911 calls. These are the first 911 routers in the United States to be owned and operated by an entity other than a telephone company.

Tired of one pretty face after another? Commenco is the whole package.

Without careful management, your organization becomes a revolving door of one pretty device after another. Or worse, your people are stuck with the same old technology slowing them down. Organizations choose Commenco because we understand their objectives and show them how to integrate new technology into existing networks to wring out any residual ROI.

The sale is just the beginning. From evaluating and implementing to service and solution management, we offer a comprehensive approach for your communication technology. With us, you’ll be spared the hassle of comparing the same solutions from different providers, and you’ll keep products in service longer, reducing device turnover and capital expenses.

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