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Next Generation Push-To-Talk May Be Your Perfect Match

Next Generation Push-To-Talk May Be Your Perfect Match

The push-to-talk button is already a field worker’s right hand, and now the Motorola Solutions Wave™ TLK100 is changing the game. The new TLK100 is specially designed to give you push-to-talk (PTT) power that breaks through traditional boundaries for nationwide reach. The simple, slim and durable two-way radio is now available and ready for use anytime, anywhere at an all-inclusive subscription price.

Wanted: Constant Voice Connection Without Distraction.

You need reliable voice communication that follows you everywhere and an instant PTT connection to your team regardless of where they are or what they’re doing. But what you don’t need is a smartphone-style hassle that forces you to peck away on a tiny keyboard and ignore a busy screen full of notifications.

Did you know? Smartphone distractions such as gaming, social media and other personal apps like texting are productivity killers. The staffing firm OfficeTeam recently crunched numbers that revealed personal digital distractions can knock an hour or more off of productivity daily. There’s just too much personal noise competing with business and it’s costing time and money. 

A purpose-built voice device is a smarter way to go and Commenco is offering an evolved PTT technology to make it even more useful and less vulnerable to distraction. New TLK100 two-way radios connect and focus your work world and make sure it’s always on from coast-to-coast. Whether you’re talking one-to-one or linking multiple teams across hundreds of devices, the TLK100 can handle the job. 

A Screenless Two-Way Designed to Deliver.

tlk 100 two way radio

The first thing you notice about the TLK100 is that it’s light, slim and easy to handle. Looks can be a little deceiving because the modern, sleek appeal of these radios doesn’t signal their remarkable durability. The TLK100 is built to last and ready for duty in harsh environments where instant PTT communication is a way of life. The radio is screenless, which means you won’t have to worry about breaking the screen or dealing with annoying visual distractions.

And you’ll like what you hear. The TLK100 is built to deliver crystal clear audio across a range of chaotic settings including loud crowds or noisy construction sites. Clarity isn’t compromised when teams communicate across multiple worksites and you can count on PTT inside large buildings and other structures or situations where cellular coverage falls short. All-day battery life of 18 hours or more is a big plus, too.

You can even bring your other mobile devices into your PTT world. Motorola’s Wave technology, offered by Commenco, extends to smartphones and tablets through the Wave OnCloud App. When multimedia messaging is a priority, the Wave App also allows you to send text, photos, videos or file attachments. Location and mapping capabilities are available as well.

Setup and Service That Simplifies.

tlk100 two way radio

When you push the PTT button on a TLK100, it sends your voice in all the right directions to reach your team no matter where they are in the continental U.S. You don’t have to worry about securing access to specific carrier networks or navigating WiFi.

Motorola’s Wave wireless network, offered by Commenco, handles it all behind the scenes, seamlessly connecting your TLK100s whether it’s a few in one location or dozens spread out across multiple regions. 

Deploying the TLK100 doesn’t force you to buy a radio system, build and maintain your own infrastructure or secure FCC licensing. And you can program your entire fleet of two-ways over the air without having to physically engage any of the devices.

Already have a commercial two-way radio system? There’s a good chance TLK100s will connect to it and expand the reach of the system nationwide. And you can simply add more TLK100s as your business grows.

An All-Inclusive Subscription Makes it Easy.

Commenco gets you started in no time. One monthly subscription to Motorola’s Wave wireless service for each TLK100 radio is all you need — that’s it. Subscription prices run as little as $35 and a two-year service contract means you’re ready to go right out of the box with TLK100s and nationwide service.

A Perfect Fit for a Variety of Purposes.

TLK100 two-radios and Motorola’s Wave subscription service flex to accommodate a variety of situations and priorities. Maybe your business is too small to purchase a large two-way radio system. Maybe you only need a few radios or maybe you need TLK100s for their specific capabilities and efficiencies. While circumstances vary from operation to operation, TLK100s and the Wave network are already taking hold in multiple industries.

Construction workers appreciate quick and easy access to their TLK100s in a pinch and are glad they don’t have to take off gloves to operate the radios. Construction managers find the radios easy to assign and coordinate day-to-day and peace of mind is knowing they’re always ready for the next job site without time-consuming setup or configuration.

Smartphone distractions can literally be a safety hazard and break federal rules applying to the transportation and logistics industries. The TLK100 helps take that risk off the table. Nationwide PTT reach allows trucking companies to stay in constant contact with drivers and gives warehouse managers instant access to the status of stock from coast-to-coast. 

Private security firms, entertainment, and shopping districts, hospitality brands and many other businesses spread out in the field also appreciate the distraction-free, screenless design and PTT reliability of the TLK100s. Managers in these businesses welcome the ability to easily expand their fleet of radios to match fluctuating staffing levels and value the fact that new hires don’t need a bunch of training.

Want to see if TLK100 subscription radios are right for your business?