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Mobile Workforce? Shift Productivity Into High Gear.

Commenco technician installing overhead mobile radio

Mobile Workforce? Shift Productivity Into High Gear.

Key Points:

  • Crews roaming in the Kansas City area need a matching network and devices
  • An easy-to-use and reliable wireless network boosts mobile productivity
  • Crews traveling far and wide need a next level solution

Wireless technology is a standard tool for keeping employees in close contact as they roam, but the wrong devices and systems can slow everyone down and cut into productivity. Explore this roadmap hundreds of our customers rely on.

Spreading Out In the Kansas City Area? Connect to a Trusted Network.

Whether you’re making deliveries, operating a school bus fleet, dispatching construction vehicles, sorting landscaping crews or sending trucks to warehouses and distribution centers, real-time communication is everything. Conditions change and so do plans, day-to-day and even minute-to-minute. Rather than fumbling with fragile phones and struggling with spotty reception, commercial two-way radios are usually a better way to go, delivering unrivaled push-to-talk ease and a variety of other key advantages.

And when you plug your two-ways into Commenco’s exclusive Connect+ wireless network, a powerful new opportunity opens up for your mobile crews. Suddenly, they have immediate, reliable and clear connections across the region, whether they’re hundreds of yards apart or hundreds of miles. Drivers don’t have to worry about roaming out of range and dispatchers are free to send fleet vehicles wherever the work is, without worry of disruption.

There’s nothing else like Connect+ in our region. It’s been the go-to wide area wireless system for private businesses and government agencies for years. One-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many, it’s a trusted pipeline for voice and data service. Our long-time Connect+ customers rely on the system so heavily that they don’t even think about it. Thousands of users just turn on their two-ways and go, knowing they’re ready. Connect+ is even part of the technology backbone that powers the KC Streetcar day and night without fail, and we can’t think of a more convincing case study.

KC Streetcar dispatchers and drivers rely on Connect+.
Commenco-installed two-ways in every streetcar.

An Easy Ride On a Wireless Workhorse.

We’ve spent decades building and maintaining Connect+, a network of wireless towers that now stretches from central Kansas to central Missouri, and all the way north to the Iowa and Nebraska borders. The roots of the system go back decades to when Commenco began pioneering wireless infrastructure in the Kansas City area. Since then we’ve worked to perfect it, building in redundancies and backups at key points to protect against glitches that threaten communications.

Connect+ isn’t only extremely reliable, it’s also faster than traditional cellular and WiFi networks, and features secure frequencies to protect privacy. A big part of the technical magic is specialized software that fine-tunes network functions and ensures smooth operation even at peak times when hundreds of organizations are bearing down on it.

Connect+ requires no frequency licensing and connected devices are substantially safer to engage in mobile environments. In fact, two-way radios used with Connect+ get the green light from government regulators for use by drivers in-transit. They’re designed to operate easily hands-free, making them a safer option behind the wheel. Regulators don’t see phones the same way.

Most Connect+ customers request two-way installation directly in their vehicles.

Unfortunately, there are businesses that still try to force phones and standard cell networks into doing the same job. Some attempt to rig phones or use apps to mimic two-way functionality, but almost always wind up ditching the effort and switching to commercial radios. They also soon discover their Connect+ monthly fee is only a fraction of comparable cell bills.

Going the Distance? Catch the Wave.

Do your crews roam far beyond the Kansas City area? We understand that it’s not uncommon for Kansas City companies to follow work that takes them beyond the boundaries of Connect+. Expansive operations, such as hospital networks with satellite locations in distant rural communities, or engineering firms working on projects across the country, are turning to Motorola’s Wave™ TLK100 handheld two-way radios ​​and TLK150 mobile mounted two-way radios.

Wave radios offer the usual push-to-talk ease and hardware durability, but unlike other two-ways, they can get a signal pretty much anywhere coast-to-coast on the Wave network. Wave reception is incredibly strong too, delivering clarity that rises above noisy construction sites and other challenging conditions including inside buildings where traditional cell networks fall short.

Wave radios keep you connected coast-to-coast.

You don’t even need to invest in a system. All you need are Wave radios and a Wave subscription whether you’re talking one-to-one or linking multiple teams across hundreds of devices. Plus, imagine a device battery that lasts 18 hours or more!

See for Yourself. Our Two-Way Networks Mean Business.

The business world is an increasingly mobile world. From the new emphasis on delivery service brought on by the pandemic era to the skyrocketing logistical demands of Kansas City’s exploding supply chain community, effectively connecting mobile teams is a growing priority that should involve more than snap decisions. Nothing nails practicality like proven push-to-talk technology and rock-solid reliable networks built for real-time realities in the Kansas City area and beyond.