Technology Services for Manufacturing Facilities

Access Control & System Installations

Access control technologies allow you to fully control one or all doors in your manufacturing plant and analytics can give you insight into your operation, such as the arrival and departure times of employees and how they move throughout your facility. Learn more

Barcode Scanners/ Labels /RFID

RFID and barcode scanning technologies can make it easier to track job materials & supplies, transfers & production. We can customize a WMS solution for your environment. Learn more

FCC Management

We coordinate and manage FCC filings, changes, renewals, and more to make sure your radio system is compliant. Learn more

Fire Code Equipment

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage is required in all commercial facilities. It allows first responders to use the radio system in your plant to communicate with officers and dispatch outside. Learn more

Two-Way Radios

Nothing is faster than push-to-talk when you need a quick answer or immediate response. Two-way radios are designed to work flawlessly in the toughest conditions to get your message through. Learn more

Radio Rentals

We have one of the largest radio rental inventories in the country! Short and long term rentals are available. We ship overnight via UPS or FedEx and offer local delivery in the Kansas City area. Learn more

Surveillance & System Installations

Our surveillance solutions integrate with your existing networks. Data and video are stored in the camera and the cloud, giving you the most comprehensive commercial video evidence available. Learn more 

Wireless Network - Private LTE

A private LTE network can handle almost four times the bandwidth of conventional wifi and fewer access points are needed to cover the same space. Learn more

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