Keep Working and Stop Worrying

Keep Working and Stop Worrying

Now you can get the most out of your technology investment for better performance, less downtime, and money-saving protection where you need it most. Commenco Care isn’t just a maintenance agreement, it’s a next-level partnership that takes tech responsibilities off your plate so you can stay focused on running your business.

Maybe you’ve been through the alternative already and experienced the pain of reacting to a technical issue that took you by surprise. Something suddenly went wrong with your WiFi, two-way radio system, video surveillance, access control or similar technology system. Maybe you tried to figure it out yourself while your other responsibilities waited, or you called for help and paid emergency rates. Meanwhile, your operations slowed down or went offline completely. There may have been safety hazards too, and perhaps, the risk of FCC fines.

We’ve heard those stories over and over again. That’s why we created Commenco Care, and designed it to be a low-hassle, proactive support solution focused on giving our customers valuable peace of mind that prevents crisis and controls costs.

The best way to handle a frustrating technical problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. A Commenco Care managed services agreement ensures your system receives comprehensive professional care to keep running and delivering the best return on your investment. Commenco Care is specifically intended to help protect against disruptive issues and devastating meltdowns to keep your people and processes working without worry.

Commenco Care covers video surveillance, access control, and other systems we offer and support.

The way Commenco Care works is simple. You pay an affordable and flexible monthly fee that puts you in good hands round the clock with our expert technicians. We’ll give priority attention to any technology systems Commenco offers and supports, and so much more.

Commenco Care covers everything from system engineering, installation, and programming, to remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and routine preventive maintenance. We’ll document all our work in easy-to-understand reports that show you the value. And we’ll even give you a heads-up when useful new technologies hit the market.