Digital Radios for Instant, Facility-wide Communication

Whether you have a thousand or a hundred thousand square feet, clear and instant communication is essential.

Digital Radio Benefits:

  • Cost 51% less than consumer-grade devices like smartphones
  • Provide man down alerts in case of emergency
  • Move products and equipment to their destinations quickly, optimizing workflow and reducing errors
  • Relay critical information quickly for safer environments

Can Your Warehouse Achieve 99% Ordering Accuracy? Let’s Talk.

Commenco works with warehouses as small as a house and bigger than a football field. We develop and implement mobile and wireless solutions that transform warehouse operations into real-time competitive advantages.

From delivery and storage to order fulfillment and shipping, Commenco has mobile wireless technologies designed to turn warehouses and Distribution Centers into profit-generating hubs. When your mobile devices manage every warehouse process, a 99.99% order accuracy rate becomes attainable.

Make Decisions on the Fly with Mobile Handheld Computers

Decrease labor costs and improve inventory management by seeing a real-time current view of your entire facility.

Handheld Mobile Computer Benefits:

  • Let workers find, record, share, and act instantly on information
  • Track materials, inventory, and product batches with 1D/2D barcode scanning
  • Allow workers to be more efficient, fast, and safe with hands-free capabilities
  • Communicate with push-to-talk devices
  • Have affordable leasing options

Barcode Scanners Focus on Flawless Fulfillment, Not Fixing Errors

Eliminate manual receiving and processing and accurately identify your items. Based on order history, warehouse inventory can be managed more strategically so you save time, reduce excess inventory and meet expectations.

Barcode Scanner Benefits:

  • Are available in handheld, wearable, and vehicle-mount options
  • Ensure deliveries match orders and let you prioritize unloading and receiving
  • Identify and count inventory and perform data entry
  • Track all product moves to ensure everything is put away in the correct spot instantly by scanning all destination locations, including rack, shelving, and in bulk
  • Record and update inventory in real time

Read the Use Case: Total Solutions for Warehouse & Logistics

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Connect everyone, everywhere.

Our large selection of radios connects your employees easily and affordably.


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Security 24/7/365

Network video surveillance protects your people and property, indoors and outdoors.


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