Do You Have A Communications/Safety Plan For Your Facility?

New Technology Means New Opportunities

What if your machines could let someone know immediately if there’s a problem on the plant floor? For example, if the machine automatically sent a work order ticket to a technician, identifying the source of the problem and what’s needed to fix the machine. How much time would that save?!

Missing inventory is also a real challenge. What if you could respond to changing inventory supplies over your radio network? Digital two-way radios can send text messages, work order tickets, and even connect to a Bluetooth barcode scanner.

And what if your two-way radios could track the location of a worker? Or automatically send an alert to a supervisor if that worker had fallen or was hurt somewhere? When you improve communications across the plant floor, everything else improves.

Rugged, enterprise-grade handheldwearabletablet, and vehicle-mounted-computers can be combined with scannersRFID technologieslocation systemsprinterssoftware and services to create a solid foundation for data aggregation, analytics, and distribution.


Secure Your Facility 24/7/365

We’re proud to partner with Avigilon (a Motorola Solutions company) to provide advanced video surveillance and access control systems for industrial facilities in Kansas City.

Avigilon’s Access Control Manager software is browser-based so you can manage everything, anytime, anywhere. Any workstation with an internet connection can become a center for access control.

The open platform easily integrates with existing systems and the video management system works with both HD and analog cameras. Their cameras are compatible with a variety of VMS platforms and a single Avigilon surveillance camera can replace multiple VGAs.

You can add Avigilon security cameras with almost no increase in bandwidth, servers, or hardware. The powerful ACC video software can manage an unlimited number of cameras at multiple locations. Avigilon’s security solutions have no annual software licensing fees and come with 24/7 technical support.

ERRC: Does Your Facility Have It?

When emergency responders enter a building, they rely on radio equipment to communicate with each other, and with outside dispatchers. Unfortunately, many commercial buildings have weak or impaired radio signals, which means if there’s an emergency, first responders could be cut off from receiving lifesaving instructions, coordinating rescue efforts, or requesting additional equipment and resources.

During the September 11th attacks, poor radio communication was determined to be a contributing factor in the death of 343 firefighters, which prompted both the National Fire Protection Act (NFPA 72) and the International Fire Code (IFC 510) to update their building requirements to include Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC).

If the radio signals in your manufacturing plant don’t meet or exceed the new fire code performance levels, your radio system likely needs to be updated in order to comply. We work with facilities managers and building owners to help them understand, and implement, ERRC systems. Give us a call and we’ll explain the process!


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