Gain an Average of 42 Minutes of Productivity per Employee Every Day

Manufacturing thrives on streamlining and innovation. Streamlining means your entire workforce can communicate clearly with each other, the machinery, and the materials in real time. And that gains an average of 42 productive minutes per employee every day. In a time when seconds can save millions, imagine how much 42 minutes could impact production and profit.

Communicate Instantly Facility-wide

Whether your production floor is a couple thousand or a hundred thousand square feet, clear sound and instant communication through concrete and walls are essential. Lightweight and rugged two-way radios:

  • Ensure the entire line is operating at its peak
  • Get products and other items to their destinations quickly
  • Help keep workers focused and organized
  • Relay critical information instantly for safer environments

Along with many industries, radios are also switching from the traditional analog audio to digital audio. The video below showcases why this change is so important, especially in the manufacturing.

Focus on Quality Control and Inventory Tracking

Ensure component inventory meets your quality of standards and pinpoint the origin of materials used and therefore the finished product. Durable, easy-to-handle bar code scanners:

  • Ensure finished goods match specifications and provide line-of-sight to the origin of all ingredients or component materials
  • When defects are present, identify what caused them and which lots or batches have been affected to minimize risk and drive accountability with customers
Make the Right Decisions Fast

Handheld mobile computers help keep managers and workers on task by managing processes automatically so changes and alterations can support operations and quality control. Handheld mobile computers:

  • Let workers find, record, share, and act on information quickly and effectively
  • Track materials, inventory, and product batches with 1D/2D bar code scanning
  • Communicate with push-to-talk devices
  • Come with affordable leasing options
Our solutions are bringing U.S. manufacturing back to life.

Watch the following video to see how Team Communications from Motorola Solutions enables manufacturers to communicate and collaborate from any location, device or network, with added intelligence. Step into the Factory of the Future, enabled by connected employees equipped with real-time data.

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