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Efficiency results in safer communities and more effective response to situations as they occur. Even in the most demanding environments, networks and devices need to operate like second nature, putting real-time info in first responders’ and support staffs’ hands. From 9-1-1 dispatch centers to corrections facilities and public safety departments, Commenco designs, installs, services, and maintains networks, communication tools and surveillance equipment to ensure your employee’s and community’s safety. Our solutions link law enforcement with rugged mission-critical push-to-talk devices, connecting patrol cars and ensuring seamless interoperability through out your coverage area. Our innovations, like BOB – a self-contained Bug Out Box – keep center up and running even in the face of evacuation, becoming inoperable and other threats.

Strengthen Your Network’s Core

Intelligence is key to ensuring safety in critical moments. With the help of Commenco’s expert staff, you can:

  • Deploy, manage, and track any type of communication device from any location with integrated network and device management.
  • Reduce connectivity loss and cyber-attacks with a comprehensive Plan B designed to keep your network up and running.
  • Keep your network running at peak performance so personnel never worry about losing connection with our beginning-to-end life cycle management.
  • Relay critical care stats in real time and track emergency medical vehicles with real-time GPS.
Improve Network Performance and Reliability Within Budget

Within public safety, you need reliable, secure communications that deliver greater diversity, scalability, and capacity even as budgets tighten. Your network has to deliver greater performance to allow users to be more productive. Commenco can efficiently evaluate and upgrade your network while realizing measurable cost-savings.

  • Replacing T1/E1 and fiber lines with wireless broadband communications
  • See ROI in one year or less by virtually eliminating monthly lease costs
  • Increased bandwidth supports video surveillance, site monitoring, crime deterrence, traffic management, or video conferencing
Secure and Crystal-Clear Communication with Rugged, State-of-the-art, Mission Critical Devices

Use devices that were designed with your daily challenges in mind. Best-in-class audio connects your team, loud and clear over dedicated networks, even when wearing full gear.

  • Multiple channel frequencies for easy cross-agency coordination.
  • Highest level of encryption means your communications are free from interruption or media intervention. First responders communicate with each other and with the command center, nowhere else
  • Glove-friendly controls and grips, crafted for military, police and fire personnel
  • Biometric Identity Management helps to quickly check for misdemeanors and outstanding warrants
  • Reduce traffic stop time by 50%, keeping officers safely in their cars for greater amounts of time
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) can scan up to 8,000 license plates during a normal 8 hour shift, only drawing attention when there’s a hit via the database.
Seamless Application Integration

You need to respond quickly, and that means having the information you need to keep your team safe. Total situation awareness and seamless interoperability on an expandable and future ready platform means first responders can share more information without taking their focus off the job at hand. Our APX family of radios:

  • Monitor your teams vital signs in real-time with biometric sensor.
  • Alert you when a team member is on the ground and immobile.
  • Trace the location and path your team took, even indoors, with GPS applications.
  • Detect changes in the air, alerting responders to dangerous conditions with environmental sensors.
  • View more applications here.
BOB, a Remote Dispatch System, Puts Your Center on Wheels

Your dispatch center that helps protect the public from “what ifs” and threats needs protection too. Commenco developed and designed a self-contained Bug Out Box (BOB) to get your dispatchers back up in an emergency when your dispatch center is inoperable or faces imminent threat.

self contained bug out box in back of truck

BOB is fully portable, easily transported and ready to go at a moment’s notice. If your center ever needs to evacuate, set up BOB in a safer location and continue operations as usual – from anywhere using a 4G hotspot or a smartphone.

Each custom remote dispatch system is built to your unique specifications, and it’s available only from Commenco.

  • Modular 3-in-1 Motorola system: 9-1-1, radio and computer aided dispatching (CAD)
  • Connects to any ACU-1000 for interagency communication
  • Powered by one electrical outlet
  • Works with any phone brand or manufacturer
  • Dispatchers keep the same logins as in the center, easily relaying information and coordinating operations as usual
  • One remote dispatch system handles up to 5 dispatchers (3 laptops per dispatcher)
  • Each hot spot connects two dispatch positions
  • View live video from remote access network cameras
  • Operate cameras remotely for weather spotting, facility and tower security (theft or animal activity)
Commenco can help ensure safety in critical moments.

Instantly distribute intelligence to the field with radio and data solutions from Commenco – the company that supplied, installed, and maintains Mid-America Regional Council’s (MARC) new 911 system covering seven counties located at over 45 public safety dispatch centers, including two routers 24/7/365. These are the first in the United States not owned and operated by a telephone company, and we have the skills and capabilities in-house to do the same for you.

Call 800-292-9725 or 816-753-2166 (7:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. CST, Monday—Friday) to speak to a government & public safety communications expert about safer communities and effective response through technology. 

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