Turn Technology Into Your New Partner

Digital Evidence – Si500 Body-Worn Camera

Be confident you captured the evidence you need, and keep it that way. The Si500 starts capturing encrypted video prior to pressing the record button—and can even do so automatically in case of emergency.

Wear It Your Way
With an articulating camera, you can wear the Si500 in the way that suits you best, regardless of your size or uniform. Face the 3.2-inch display in or out—either to be discreet or to deter criminal behavior.

Cut Through The Noise
The Si500 features radio integration and an adaptive audio engine that delivers loud and clear sound in any wearing position.

Be There When It Matters
On-device evidence tagging and radio control through the integrated touchscreen saves you time and effort.

Protect The Truth
The Si500 is designed to work with our CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software to help you deliver timely, indisputable truth.

Get the Picture
Be confident you captured the evidence you need with a camera system that works for you anywhere, anytime – with a high-res camera, low light recording, and simple controls.

Si200 Body-Worn Video Camera

The Si200 works seamlessly with Motorola Solutions CommandCentral Vault Digital Evidence Management software, keeping your video evidence secure from capture, through upload and storage.

Stay on the Streets
With 12 hours of battery life, the Si200 is ready whenever and wherever it is needed. And with a secure smartphone application for playback and tagging video evidence, you can stay on the streets.

Know Where it Happened
With onboard GPS the Si200 embeds the location of any captured video evidence into its metadata.


Sr600 In-Car Camera

From a single, dash-mounted 360-degree camera, capture the front, side, and interior of the vehicle at up to 4k resolution.

Install & Activate Effortlessly
Single-cable installation includes triggering from the vehicle and other in-car equipment, and the option to add up to two additional cameras.

Protect The Truth
The Sr600 is designed to work seamlessly and securely with our CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software to help you deliver timely, indisputable truth.

Deliver Timely, Indisputable Truth
As digital evidence becomes practically a requirement for prosecution, consolidate all of your content and management workflows into a single, end-to-end experience.

Accelerate Evidence Preparation
Reduce the burden of fulfilling information requests with integrated workflow to quickly find content, process it and then share it with partners and the community – putting you in control of the narrative.

Command Center Software for Public Safety

1. Voice, data, and video are connected to both CAD and Real-Time Crime Center systems and automatically take action when an incident begins… assigning units based on incident type.

2. Dispatchers monitor first responders in their vehicle or on foot while Analysts at the Real-Time Crime Center monitor live video feeds and search for contextual information to send officers before they arrive.

3. Responders report back with a description of a fleeing car, giving the Analyst the chance to review video from nearby traffic cameras and send responders in the right direction for pursuit.

Here’s how it works:

Mission-Critical Radios

Focus on the mission, not the technology.

Motorola’s two-way radio equipment for public safety, fire, and emergency medical services is designed by public safety for public safety.

911 Systems, Equipment, and Maintenance 

Commenco supplied, installed, and maintains the Mid-America Regional Council’s (MARC) 911 system covering seven counties and 45+ public safety dispatch centers, including two routers 24/7/365. We can do the same for you!

BOB, Remote Dispatch System

Our team developed and designed a self-contained “Bug Out Box” (BOB) to get your dispatchers back up in an emergency if your dispatch center becomes inoperable or faces an imminent threat.

BOB is fully portable, easily transported and ready to go at a moment’s notice. If your center needs to evacuate, you can set up BOB in a safer location and continue operations from anywhere using a 4G hotspot or a smartphone. Each custom remote dispatch system is built to your unique specifications.