Keep Your Crews Connected and Minimize Downtime

When you’re up against the challenges of worker safety, tight deadlines, thin profit margins, and the leaner construction crews of today, technology can make or break a project. Commenco’s communication and technology solutions let you manage crews, equipment, and projects instead of them managing you for a leaner, more efficient business.

Let Crews Communicate Clearly Across a Site or City for Safety and Efficiency
  • Push-to-talk, two-way radios are the gold standard in the construction trade with their enhanced, reliable performance
  • Ready whenever and wherever your crews are, they’ll never worry about low batteries, signal loss, or fumbling to dial a cell phone on the job again
Secure Your Facility, Job Sites, and Equipment
  • Stolen construction equipment and project site vandalism delay projects and risk profit. Network surveillance helps deter crime, and runs over your existing infrastructure for 24/7 monitoring and automatic security alerts anywhere, anytime
  • Share high-quality video images directly with authorities via the Internet or mobile devices to help catch vandals or get your equipment back
Monitor Your Entire Truck and Equipment Fleet
  • GPS fleet and asset tracking reports the exact location of every truck and piece of equipment, so you can easily schedule where they need to be next to reduce downtime and increase productivity
  • Plug-and-play installation and powerful diagnostic reporting tools via PC, smartphone, and other mobile devices alert you when maintenance is due so you can get the maximum ROI on your fleet and help crews get on site safely

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Connect everyone, everywhere.

Our large selection of radios connects your employees easily and affordably.


Tools, Not Toys.

Commenco has the perfect combination of products to help increase productivity.


Security 24/7/365

Network video surveillance protects your people and property, indoors and outdoors.


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