Keep Your Crews Connected So They Stay Safe

MOTOTRBO Two-Way Radios

Integrated voice and data: MOTOTRBO portable and mobile radios put the power of voice and data, such as text messaging and GPS, into a single device to make it easy for your construction crew to stay connected and safe.

IMPRES™ audio accessories: Provides exclusive audio technology that enhances high-quality noise suppression, speech clarity, and loudness.

Efficient battery technology: High capacity battery options ensure you have a battery that supports long shifts.

Secure Your Facility, Job Sites, and Equipment

Stolen construction equipment and vandalism delay projects and risk profits. Network surveillance helps deter crime, and can run over your existing infrastructure for 24/7 monitoring and automatic security alerts anywhere, anytime

Share high-quality video images directly with authorities via the Internet or mobile devices to help catch vandals or get your equipment back

Monitor Your Equipment Fleet

GPS fleet and asset tracking reports the exact location of every truck and piece of equipment, so you can easily schedule where they need to be next to reduce downtime and increase productivity

Plug-and-play installation and powerful diagnostic reporting tools via PC, smartphone, and other mobile devices alert you when maintenance is due so you can get the maximum ROI on your fleet and help crews get on site safely

We can help monitor and connect your job site!