Hidden Crisis in Your Building?

Hidden Crisis in Your Building?

If you’re working inside bricks and mortar, you likely have a golden opportunity to easily safeguard your business with strategically deployed temperature sensors. They can give managers of just about any facility more control where it counts. The devices monitor even slight fluctuations in temperature and send alerts to your desktop or phone while there’s still time to respond before a crisis strikes.

Infrastructure may be the first thing at risk when ambient temperatures begin to change. Maybe your office is closed for a holiday break or long weekend when a cold snap takes hold. Temperature sensors can give you a heads up before water pipes burst and flood your facility. Or maybe you have a furnace that’s struggling. Sensors that detect unusual temperature patterns can give you time to make repairs before there’s an interruption in operations or a system failure.

Unexpected temperature changes also put sensitive equipment at risk. Manufacturing, food service, and healthcare businesses are just a few examples where temperature sensors are already considered essential facility technology. But even typical offices full of typical equipment have a lot to lose too. Computers don’t tolerate heat very well. Sensors give you a chance to get to the bottom of sudden spikes in server rooms and related spaces before heat takes a toll on expensive computing equipment.

Internal cooling fans - computer
Fans built into computers and other equipment highlight sensitivity to ambient temperatures.

A wide range of business inventories are temperature sensitive as well. Foods and medicines are obvious, but furniture, flowers, adhesives, and sensitive paper archives are impacted by changing temperatures too. And the list goes on and on.

A simple, low-cost subscription that includes professional sensor deployment, easy to understand dashboards, and real-time alerts, can protect your business from preventable threats. When managers look closely at the crisis prevention benefits as well as the efficiency opportunities, they rarely walk away from temperature sensors. And did you know? Carefully managing a consistent, cool workplace environment can also help keep employees alert and productive too.