Wireless Equipment & Support for Healthcare Facilities

Access Control & System Installation

Access control technologies allow you to control one or all doors in your facility 24 hours a day. Our team can design, install, and deploy your new system, regardless of who manufactures it or where you bought it from. Learn more

Patient Tracking & Inventory Control

RFID and barcode technologies make it easy to keep track of patients, prescriptions, and supplies. We partner with reputable software companies like Zebra Technology to customize and deploy partner solutions for healthcare environments. Learn more

Radio / Cell Signal Boosters

Radio Coverage is required in most commercial buildings and a building permit cannot be issued until your building passes a radio test. Learn more

Surveillance Equipment & Installation

Network surveillance systems do more than just record video. They have artificial intelligence and data analytics embedded in the system so you can capture evidence on video in real time. Learn more

Two-Way Radios & Accessories

Nothing is faster than push-to-talk when you need a quick answer or immediate response. Two-way radios are designed to work flawlessly in the toughest conditions to get your message through. Learn more

Radio Rentals

We have one of the largest radio rental inventories in the country! Short and long term rentals are available. We ship overnight via UPS or FedEx and offer local delivery in the Kansas City area. Learn more

Wireless Infrastructure

Design your medical building with communication in mind! Our wireless design crew works alongside your team to help you prepare your facility for the future. Learn more

Private LTE Wireless

A private LTE wireless network can handle almost four times the bandwidth of conventional wifi with fewer access points needed to cover the same space. Learn more

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