Wireless equipment & Technology Support For Government Operations

911 System Design, Deployment, and Technology Support

Commenco maintains the Mid-America Regional Council’s 911 system located in 45+ public safety dispatch centers across Kansas and Missouri.

The state-of-the-art system ensures citizens have access to a responsive, high-quality 9-1-1 service, no matter where they are in the region.

Body-Worn Cameras

Begin capturing encrypted video prior to pressing the record button and even do so automatically in case of an emergency.

Radios Designed by Firefighters for Firefighters.

Motorola Solutions’ Advanced Fire Suite gives first responders instant voice and data communications in any environment with just one push of a button.

APX Fire Radio spec sheet>>

Code Enforcement Technologies

Fast, accurate electronic citation hardware, printing supplies, and software to simplify the process of issuing tickets.

Government Facility Identity Management

Our card printing solutions enable agents and officers to issue government IDs and scan documents for upload and comparison to those in existing databases.

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